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  2. ATTN: All those who hate the pharmaceutical industry and feel they would never have started using ADHD medications if they'd been properly informed of their harm, I have never used ADHD drugs myself, but lost my fiancee to Adderall addiction three years ago. Since then I've been researching the vested interests who have caused these controlled substances to be recommended as supposedly "safe" and "beneficial" for even toddlers. This continued to bother my conscience for 3 years day and night, during which I've conducted extensive research. The facts I've compiled (including personal communications with the FDA and Health Canada who have admitted to the alleged misrepresentation) have convinced a large law firm (MCELDREW YOUNG, ATTORNEYS-AT-LAW) to start a class action lawsuit on contingency, alleging the violation of the public's right to informed consent about Adderall, Vyvanse and Daytrana, Strattera, Concerta, Ritalin or Focalin. YOUR HELP IS NEEDED TO SUCCEED AT GETTING THESE HARMFUL MEDICATIONS OFF THE MARKET, please keep reading.this about what you can do to help. I'll be an expert witness in this lawsuit, and to guarantee its success, we are looking for principle plaintiffs (also called class representatives) who are trusted members of this forum who want these drugs recalled as badly as i do, who would do everything humanly possible to represent the best interest of every other class member (possibly thousands of damaged parties who can document side effects such as depression, heart disease, etc. including documentable addiction/abuse). These principle class representatives will get a larger compensation (can be up to $30, 000 or more), their names will be publicly disclosed but not any information from their medical records (the rest of the class members will neither have their names nor damages publicly disclosed). I have read about class action suits whose class representatives were paid-off to agree to settle for almost nothing with a non-disclosure agreement preventing the press from hearing anything. I have also read about class representatives who have agreed to settle for a huge sum for the law firm and negligible amounts for the injured plaintiffs themselves. This is why I don't want to take chances with just anyone the law firm may assign, but want trusted members of this forum who will promise here that they will not let any such thing happen to this lawsuit. You can read more about the responsibilities of class representatives here: So if you'd like to do this, I hope you are as outraged as me me to have been a victim of pharmaceutical fraud, wanting as much as me to end it. Again, I'll be asking these people to promise here to do everything they can to negotiate a huge settlement from the drug manufacturers or let the case go to trial if the drug companies refuse to comply, never signing a non-disclosure agreement to let us create a huge public stink about this fraud ruining millions of innocent lives each year. To see if you qualify to represent this class, please read the top part of this questionnaire: and then fill it out if you wish to participate (will only take 5 minutes to complete). Then my law firm will get back to you. When the law firm contacts you, I may get compensated for my 3 years of hard work if you'd kindly let them know that this essay ( helped you realize the full extent to which ADHD drugs have been misrepresented as "safe" and "beneficial" (you don't have to read all of this, but please keep reading until you see how badly you all have been defrauded by the pharmaceutical industry -- trust me, you will end up as furious as I am before you finish the first page or two, you can verify every statement instantly with clickable references). My law firm may also ask you when was the first time that you realized you were misled and realized that your right to informed consent was violated. People who realized this sometime in the past may not qualify to participate as the lawsuit has a statute of limitations for 2 years. But the statue of limitations starts now for all those who have realized that their informed consent was violated after reading the facts I've presented to them: Thanks again for your much appreciated contributions to help prevent future generations from falling prey to increase drug company profits. Asli Theobald, M.S., Information Systems Analyst
  3. Is Addrall Free Adrenalin and Reward Free

    "Anhedonia." It goes away. That and PAWS though can be a real mind-F early on. Life is awesome. Keep after it, and take it easy on yourself. : )
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  5. Two weeks clean

    I've made it two weeks without Adderall. I've quit in the past, but this time it was different. For the first time I told my doctor I was done. At our last appointment I told him I wanted to taper down. I was on 40mg a day. After my month supply of 30mg I decided I had enough. I called him and told him I was forever done with Adderall.
  6. slight light hallucinations?

    It affected my vision too - both blurred vision and impaired depth perception. Things improved after quitting. Our eyesight is the most important and precious sensory resource we have. Why take chances with it?
  7. How to Cut Doctor Off - Advice Needed

    Adding to Greg's message above, you can also tell the doctor that Adderall has caused you to have adverse reactions or has quit agreeing with you if you don't feel comfortable disclosing your addiction to the doctor or anyone else. Just don't let them talk you into trying another stimulant in its place.
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  9. How to Cut Doctor Off - Advice Needed

    Hey Geometric - Glad you are taking this step because everyone I've seen on this site who has rebuilt their lives from horrible adderall addiction has taken this action. Flushing down the toilet frequently results in getting refills 30 days later from what I've seen on this site. So when i hear about people flushing their pills I get a bit jaded from what I've seen. There have been threads on how to cut off your doctor in the past. Most people on this site just sucked it up, told their doctor they got addicted or developed a problem with it to get cut off and quickly got it over with. I told my aunt and she called my doctor and cut me off for me. I dont think there's any issue with having a family member do it. As long as the doctor is cut off. But again, most people just told their doctor and quickly got it over with...and i don't know a single person who has regretted it.
  10. slight light hallucinations?

    Genetically listed as "Blurred Vision" as a common side effect. Mine is more of a contrast/low light issue that got twice as bad after quitting. I read that dopamine stimulates norepinephrine which affects vision. So when the Adderall come down or withdrawal occurs low dopamine output basically means impared vision. I think we all assume we'd notice these side affects right away right after using the first few times and if it presented a problem we'd notice and stop using it. Problem is many of the side effects don't show up after long term use and by then we're addicted and the damage is done.
  11. Can't Believe it Happened to Me

    Have you seen this video? It talks about addiction and society. really short and really interesting Not trying to persuade you to tell your parents, you know what's best, but thought you'd like this!
  12. slight light hallucinations?

    I had no idea it was a side effect.... why is everybody on this crap
  13. Some of the terrible things I'm reading here is really upsetting, I'm praying you all succeed in quitting all fraudulently promoted mind-messing drugs and dicover actually beneficial alternatives. I wanted you all to know that my ex-husband is telling me he benefited greatly from a ketogenic diet, I'll perhaps try it but I'm a bit afraid of losing weight on it. His depression is gone he says, he can't stop talking about how much better his concentration is. My own concentration was damaged by an overdose of a stimulant asthma inhaler I was given at an emergency room about 10 years ago. I've had good results from Transcendental Meditation and Reiki energy healing, I'm currently a Reiki Master. My asthma is gone, my ability to concentrate has never been better. It's taken me many years to get here but each year I've felt better. I'm completely convinced that switching from drug to drug and going up and up on more and more harmful chemicals only serves to drag one into worse and worse mental and physical equilibrium. Psychiatry is a huge, evil money making scam which serves only the pharmaceutical industry.
  14. Almost 4mo off and miserable

    A week on welbutrin, the first 3-4 days were great. Probably enough clarity like what I was originally hoping for from Adderall however got MUCH MORE... Days 5/6 I kinda crashed mood wise not sure why and my stomach is a bit off... today I am feeling ok, not much to report... Will update in a couple weeks as I realize this stuff needs time to really work the kinks out.
  15. When other people notice...

    Glad to hear your progress! Gives me hope, I am avoiding talking to anyone who "really knows me" in fear of them asking what's wrong or why I seem off. And people I don't know I have zero desire to begin a "chatty" conversation with...
  16. slight light hallucinations?

    My vision has definetly been sacrificed with the use of Adderall. It is a side effect I read about actually... I noticed it a little during however I actually feel like since I quit it even took a turn for the worse. My night vision is much worse, judging distances of on coming cars and low light reading smaller print is poor. Add a little light and I can read, however not too much as then it's too much. Its like my "contrast" is messed up however not my ability to read small print. As for hallucinations, I only had a couple nights of that when I quit cold turkey and was when I was fading in and out of sleep.
  17. Can't Believe it Happened to Me

    So glad you plan to "try" either way! Don't give up! Maybe after your gaps the 5-10mg will at least ease the edge... Best of luck, my body really depended on my dose as I am still struggling and spending a lot of money on vitamins and health food to try and compensate. I had a good run of almost 2 weeks of feeling pretty good then this week I got really depressed and energy crash all over again. So frustrating... One day at a time.... I guess everyone is different 5mg did what I needed and was even a lot for me for a long time. Wasn't until the last 6-8 months of the last year I was on it that it seemed to drop off and have negative effects.
  18. Can't Believe it Happened to Me

    @EricP Well, I talked to my doctor, and I think I'm going to try tapering. This is just too much for me to handle. He gave me 5mg/day with two days off between scripts. It's not even a tease, but it's something. Upside: 5mg is so useless, I'm not even tempted to take more than one. 10mg is useless to me, too. And 50mg. I could take the whole bottle at once and it wouldn't do anything for more than half an hour. *Sigh* Thank you very much for your comments! @Alyssa Thank you. My family definitely wouldn't be understanding on this point, though--they think drug addicts are morons and a drain on society. It'd kill them to learn I'm one of those. They "raised me better than that," after all. I appreciate your comments! @Cheeri0 Hello! Yes, it was you that sent me here. Glad to see you again! Thank you for your comments. I'm already settling in to this forum, and I think I'll definitely stick around. This is a nice place. @Mer Ah, yes, it sounds like we have a lot in common. I'm glad to know I'm not the only one in my position. (You write beautifully, by the way--have you considered publishing professionally if you haven't already?) You've been incredibly helpful and encouraging, thank you so much!!
  19. I tried to quit adderall a week or two ago but had to get back on it. Different story ANYWAYS the night before I started taking adderall again I started feeling different. I was crying and lights looked weird as I was driving? They seemed brighter or something. The next day I took 50 mg throughout the day, got one hour of sleep that night, whatever. Never caught up on that sleep. Last night I drank w friends and got 10 hours probably? Always, took adderall again today, and lights just have been looking weird to me sometimes these past 3 days. I feel "high" but more like an acid trip high than a weed high. I think I am very sensitive to lights and colors? Like when I was studying I looked at a red paper then a green one and kept tripping out. If I was looking at the red paper, I had to completely hide the green one from sight or my vision would get all weird. This part is hard to explain, but I'll look in the corner and it seems dark, and my brain thinks night time, and then when I look back a little later it seems light, like day time! but the light hasn't changed? To be honest last night I thought it was sleep deprivation and thought it was cool I was kinda hallucinating and went with it. Now I think it's weird that I still feel a lil out of it. My vision almost feels like it's lagging. Keep in mind I often take only my normal dose of adderall! I've never taken more than 50 in a day. What do y'all think? Similar experiences? also I try to bold the important parts so y'all don't get bored haha.
  20. Tom sounds so familiar! I think it is a few things from my research and much reading. For one adderall use impairs the adreanal glands and thus depletes the adrenalin rush we used to get then we have the whole lack of dopamine issue. Neurotransmitters are out of balance so the little stimulation we do get aggravates our central nervous system triggering the remaining responsive "fight or flight" response and thus the negative effect.
  21. Can't Believe it Happened to Me

    Wow... I'm not one of them but I just want to say there are some awesome writers on this site.... and they're writing this beautifully without fucking adderall. The support of this fellowship we have on this online forum gives me goosebumps sometimes. I feel just as connected to you folks as the people I sit with in the rooms of NA
  22. Same here, it seems so weird that I use to pair Caffeine with adderall all day long to intensify the effects and get some euphoric feeling...but now when I have just coffee, or red bull I get super anxious. I used to chew up an adderall on the golf course and chase it with a 5hour energy and thought I felt awesome. A few months ago I had just a 5hour energy, obviously not paired with adderall and I thought I was going to have a heart attack. Lately I only drink tea, 1/2 black tea and 1/2 green tea but I'm considering just completely eliminating caffeine from diet.
  23. Can't Believe it Happened to Me

    Hey Kiona, My experience has a few significant parallels to yours. Like you, I was at a loss as to how to battle my ADHD and depression and felt like I was taking a step in the adult direction by seeking management for it. And like you, I live with my parents. I'm 29. Like you, I experience supreme worthlessness and suicidal ideations. I came home two months ago to quit and though my parents knew I was taking medication and were highly against it because of the way it altered my behavior, they aren't educated in the addiction to and withdrawal from it. To them, a lazy, brooding, mono-toned shell of their daughter just crashed the comfortable little universe they'd been diligently maintaining and I have been too ashamed to talk to them about what exactly is going on. Two days ago, my mom asked me, "So what are we going to do about this depression? I think you need to talk to someone." And you know what? She's right. I broke down and told her how hard it is to want to do anything at all after wanting to do everything, how my cognitive functions have slowed down, how social interaction is draining because I've been so disconnected from pure connection with another person for so long, how angry I am for being "lazy". But I'm not lazy, and neither are you, or you wouldn't have proactively sought methods to combat a state you knew was holding you back from the things you want in life. You recognized your journey to attain happiness and the possible aspects of your physical vessel that could be holding you back from that venture. You aren't a lump by nature, even after adderall, or you wouldn't be so deeply ashamed of your lack of want. You WANT to WANT. I myself experience paralyzing anxiety that stems from a lack of belief in myself to soberly accomplish, deep shame for the ingratitude of my addiction and the things I lost from it, and a now untreated ADHD that spins every menial task into a web of "how the fuck can I possibly accomplish anything in life when I can't just do this thing?" I am also pummeled with these flashbacks to my best moments on adderall, like when you start to get over a bad relationship and have an inner longing for the warm and fuzzy highlights that made you love that person. But like jumping back into the dating pool after heartbreak, you're still getting your legs under you. You're painfully insecure and unsure of yourself; you've had a reliable source of external control and now you only have your insides to work with--and you've been so out of touch with who you really are that you don't accurately understand what your feelings actually mean. You won't bounce back to your prior state--but face it, treating depression with adderall meant that you were terrified of returning to that painful state in the first place. So now you're where you dreaded, but with a battered ego and an exhausted brain. And you're gaining weight, which is a traumatizing experience for anyone, especially women. You can't compare your current self to your best self on adderall. You have to look at the whole picture of your journey and try to summon some gratitude that your body endured so much abuse at the price of your ego. My advice? Tell the people you're afraid to tell if the shame of their opinions is affecting your current happiness. Their disapproval of psychiatric drugs will be overshadowed (and probably strengthened) by their love for you. It is a gift to be vulnerable with the people we love because it is painful to watch someone endure something we don't understand because we can see no way to help them. You're like a delicate child right now, and you have to guide yourself accordingly. The pain and shame of addiction keeps us in an altered consciousness, both regretting and longing for the experiences that culminated to this very state of being. But look at how much you've changed in the past two years. The way in which you battle addiction in the next two years will shape your future person in the same way. You need to be as educated as possible, you need support, you need professional guidance, you need to be able to give yourself the tools so that you can trust yourself. An impulse to isolate is actually a sign of loneliness, it is your feelings telling you that you're damaged and you need some external support and healing. Supplement your cravings for adderall with love from family or friends. Find a new social network where you can be seen as you are rather than as who you have been. Don't sit in self hatred or disappointment, everything that you've ever been looking for is what you already are. What you really need is to fall in love with yourself. Thank yourself for seeking help, and admit that this attempt was a failure. Failure is good. We learn from failure. Remember the things you loved about yourself before medication, the things you loved to do. Keep a gratitude journal. Allow your motivation to come from a place of love for yourself and the people around you; they have been working just as hard as you have to attain happiness, but without the use of adderall. Learn from them. Learn how to love and appreciate them again, learn how to appreciate and take care of yourself. It's fucking hard, man. Acknowledge that it's hard, but don't let that be an excuse to not do better, to continue seeking the life that makes you happy.
  24. I quite coffee at the same time... Mainly because I was finding I was drinking it nearly all day along with the adderall and neither was doing anything much for me anymore. I am still fighting day to day however I have tried coffee a couple times since and the weird thing is it doesn't do much for me anymore even being off both all this time. The first time I had a cup it increased my anxiety for sure however neither time did I get that good old "coffee buzz" I used to get. I think the adderall has just nummed my brain or there just still isn't enough dopamine on standby to give me that caffeine rush... Not sure if anyone else has had a similar experience (or lack there of) to caffeine?
  25. Need to Talk

    I am. How do you want to chat? What platform?
  26. Guilt Ridden

    Yes. I ruined my career and everything I had been working for thanks to Adderall. Motivation to work was there, but it killed my creativity. I would get to work and feel like I was working all day doing so many important things but in the end I just had my finger on my clit. I think the feelings of Grand are related to this. You really do think you are doing all the important things. After all that time spent working you have nothing to show for it besides stress that you might be missing deadlines or late for the thing you were preparing for. The fat and weight loss will make it extremely difficult for friend to quit.
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