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  2. BPC 157

    How has it been? I've researched it some, but EVERYTHING gives me side effects. Still looking however....
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  4. What do you think?

    I really didn't like the way I felt the few times I exceeded the 40 MG of IR Per Day. I felt like I was going to grind my teeth right out of my head..........but 40 MG a day of speed every day for a decade was clearly abuse and it abused me. It completely warped my perception of the world and caused me to make bad decisions very efficiently. Getting off of it was the hardest thing I have ever done. Even the most mundane tasks like making a phone call or brushing my teeth felt like a monumental undertaking.......
  5. What do you think?

    It might be more people than you think. I took adderall 7 years and only went over my prescribed dose once. I took 25 mg XR in the morning and 10 mg IR in the afternoon. One day I had a ton of work to do and took 25 in the morning and then at night. I felt like I was going to have a heart attack, I was so cracked out. I couldn’t imagine doing that again. I was also just kind of scared to go over the prescribed dose.
  6. Wellbutrin

    My doc prescribed 1ea 100mg a day for first week then the same 2x a day... I could tolerate the 100mg and maybe helped a little. I did notice some anxiety and uneasy feeling... When I take 2x I get more focus and energy however the physical symptoms get worse almost accumulatively the more days in a row I take the 2x the stronger the physical symptoms... I would have thought they would get better once as I adjusted to it... Anyway, I quit using it as the side effects were not worth it for the mild benefits.
  7. What do you think?

    I don't remember exceeding 40 MG of IR a day. 2 x 20 IR a day. I think I may have taken an extra 10MG by cutting them in half if I had had a really late night of drinking to much. Exceeding 40mg was rare. A big problem for me was that Adderall accelerated my use of alcohol and nicotine to an extreme degree. *I would argue that 40 MG of Speed every day for years on end is abuse in itself regardless if it was following the parameters of a prescription or not....
  8. What do you think?

    I bet 10% or less for adults kids I’m sure it’s higher of sticking to a dose because parent monitor the distribution of legal meth for their children, idiots.
  9. What do you think?

    Mad props! That's will power. I was prescribed 70mg a day IR at my highest. When my doctor switched me back to 40 I continued to take 70. Dumb idea. I didn't feel like I was "abusing it" because I thought of it as my right to choose my dose. Stupid. That was a few years ago, before marriage and kids. When Adderall seemed necessary in all aspects of my life. I have bad anxiety, so taking more than prescribed usually just ended in anxiety attacks followed by deep regret. Everyone I know who is prescribed it takes more than their dose, at least from time to time.
  10. What do you think?

    I never took more than prescribed on purpose. I took 40 mg per day for 12 years. One time I forgot that I already took my noon dose and popped another 20 mg but I didn’t feel much different with the increased dose probably because I had a hell of a tolerance. I was scared to take more then I was supposed to of Adderall but I abused other things like alcohol and cannibus pretty hard throughout my addiction.
  11. What do you think?

    I’d say there is a small percentage of people who have never abused it. This is based on my personal experience and talking with people who are prescribed Adderall, most of them have abused it at one time or another. It’s the nature of the drug, you can’t help but want to take more and more.
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  13. Day 6

    We're lucky to have each other! I have friends who are recovering alcoholics, but it's hard to relate to that because alcohol and stimulants are so different. I give mad props to my sober alcoholic friends, though. Can you imagine if you could buy Adderall at the store, gas station, and restaurants? Alcohol is literally everywhere. I don't know how they do it.
  14. Feeling good and very lucky.

    I felt physically lazy for maybe the first month or so every time I've quit, but to be honest after about three months I feel I have more energy than I did taking it. Maybe because when I'm taking Adderall I'm always extremely dehydrated, have aches and pains all over, and I live on junk food and cigarettes. But the mental laziness was always the worst for me.
  15. What do you think?

    What do you think is the percentage of adults prescribed Adderall who have never abused it? And I'm not talking about just major abuse like snorting it or staying up for 48 hours — I'm talking about even once taking more than they were supposed to, say for an exam or business presentation. Interested to hear everyone's input.
  16. Feeling good and very lucky.

    Guess I’m lucky enjoy my trade been working some long hours lately and still try to hit the gym although my work can be very physical so some days skip. The best part even if it’s hot I’m in the sun it gives me a lot of natural energy I could never be in a office everyday I’d be miserable although I do office work after 8-12 hours in the field. I know why I went on addy not because i was lazy just wanted to do more but now realize even if my phone is ringing non stop, jobs scheduled out couple days or weeks because I can only work so many hours, office work behind it really doesn’t matter. I’m one person people and things can wait. I’m important, my kids are important and sleep is very important something I thought in the past was a waste of time too much to do. Hope you find your passion because your ready to take whatever on your good at.
  17. Day 6

    Thank you so much you two!! Today is already Day 95. I cannot begin to tell you how much easier it is to just stay on track and do not relapse. The battle to stop again has been pretty dang challenging, but it's starting to get easier. I'm so glad I was an inspiration to you both and hope I can be again. All I know for sure is that there is a way better life for us that doesn't involve this crap. I am so blessed to have endured enough pain I had the drive and motivation to get sober again. I am beyond thrilled at what lyes ahead. All good things are possible on this path and I pray we can all continue to support one another as we travel this road together.
  18. Feeling good and very lucky.

    Yeah Frank, I’ve been a lazy ass for two years and only recently started to feel some natural ambition coming back. I don’t know if I feel like I’m on it but I do feel I’m back to before Adderall days. I still have to self motivate but it’s getting easier. I am naturally kinda lazy if I’m not doing something I love to do. Unfortunately, I have to rediscover what I love because Adderall skewed my passions for years.
  19. Day 6

    Your old posts were such a huge inspiration for me in my early days of recovery, I am very happy to see you back here and doing well. I use your story to remind me that this is a lifelong journey and I have to stay vigilant now that I’m at 26 months I am starting to feel complacent about this recovery as if I’ve got it beat but I know how easy it is to slip. Anyway, glad you’re back and doing well!
  20. Feeling good and very lucky.

    THIS. Seriously. There are little to no trials on long-term effects on speed withdrawals in general (not just Adderall) but I feel like it shouldn't be so hard for doctors to piece together recovered =/= overcoming the earliest withdrawal stages. I consider anyone who wants to quit any addiction to be much stronger than the average person. Every day we go without speed is a huge success, even if we haven't done much else. It's a bummer so many people have such judgemental and old fashion views of addicts.
  21. Feeling good and very lucky.

    Sometimes now I feel like I’m back on it, then recall before I took addy I was actually a very motivated person naturally it just 2 yrs couple months for it to return after stopping adderall. Any doctor or person wants to say withdrawal symptoms for that long is all just in our heads like to slap the piss out of them. Yes I was pretty much a lazy ass for 2 years doing the bare minimum but never wanted to be and none of us do why it’s so hard for us to quit but we fucking made it hope others can do the same.
  22. Anthony Bourdain suicide

    One month my ass it takes 2 yrs get your shit together. I’m pretty much back where I was now before addy but was a very long struggle. Far as this suicide I’m betting he was on a SSRI for mild depression then decided to off himself like so many others taking the mind altering crap. Could be adderall related as well all those Hollywood people on that shit but still does not trigger suicide like many antidepressant medications.
  23. Approaching 90 days: a proud update

    Awesome. Keep up the positive thoughts and never forget the bad times on those horrible pills.
  24. Tick Tock- Recovery begins

    I talked to my doctor's nurse before about it, too. I think more than once, actually. The last time I told her that Adderall was ruining my life, making me feel crazy and ridiculously anxious, and to never let me be able to get it again. (This was one week after I called saying I desperately needed an increase of my Adderall. She called back and said the doctor refused.) I told her I never wanted to take it again. She said okay. Two weeks later I caved, called and left a voice mail for a refill, all casual as if the conversation never happened. The next day I got the message "Script ready for pick-up." She's such a nice lady, but forgetful and disorganized. Their office is also majorly understaffed, so they lose track of all kinds of things. All of my past manic phone calls and requests for more pills or early refills should be a red flag to someone over there, or at the pharmacy, but no one seems to care or notice. We have a big opioid pill problem in this area, so I think it makes them not care about ADHD drugs.
  25. Feeling good and very lucky.

    So happy for you! I look forward to that moment. First thing that happens (at least for me) is the never ending need to sleep diminishes, which is nice. Then my emotions get turned back on to their normal state. I can cry, laugh, and feel human. And then the brain fog clears and it's so incredible. I can't wait.
  26. Wellbutrin

    IMO Wellbutrin helps. It's a "stimulant" so it makes the exhaustion more tolerable.
  27. Day 6

    Praying for you, LilTex! You've been such an inspiration to a lot of us on here for years. You had a slip-up, but you're back on the right track. You're human, don't dwell on it, you'll pull through. This probably makes me sound terrible, but it makes me feel better about my relapses. It can happen to any of us. I was clean for almost a year and went back to daily use. My last relapse I had made it about two months and then I went to bed and had the dreaded "Adderall dream" (where in your dream you're using and it's all euphoria and butterflies like in the beginning) and when I woke up I called my doctor immediately, not allowing myself time to stop myself. The obsession with this stupid pill has is unreal.
  28. I did it!

    Woo-hoo! That's a huge accomplishment. Things can only get better from here.
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