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  5. non adderall users will never understand

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  8. That was a great post Taylor - I am glad you found this site. It really helped me get past the toughest stages. telling your story on this forum is a great start on your road to recovery. We can all relate on different levels. The loss of personality, health, and ability to love in a healthy way is scary. The only thing I cant relate to is being a mom.I suggest you have an emergency plan for your baby when times get tough. Some sort of child care back up plan when or if you get hit with PAWS - It usually lasted 2 to 3 days for me - as long as I took action like hiking, nutrition, prayer, it passed. And hitting this site during those periods helped me understand it will pass and we are not alone. Hopefully you can get enough support from Dad, but if he has to work, maybe you can find someone else who can help. Build a support network. I did 12 step program for the first 18 months and it was super helpful. Doing the steps is a guarantee for a better life. Look forward to hearing about your success.
  9. You have the will and desire to quit, I know you can do this! In fact, you did do it not that long ago! Don’t forget how strong you are. Reading everyone’s stories is what really helped me get through the first few months, and giving myself grace. You already know stopping is going to be horrible. You might not feel like the best mom some days, but keep remembering that you are doing this so that you can be a healthier and happier you, and that’s all your daughter wants at the end of the day.
  10. This may be long but I’ve never put into words what’s been going on the past 5-6 years. I’ve decided to quit Adderall. It started when I was 23 and bartending, a co worker gave me one to take before work because we partied the night before and woke up feeling terrible. It was my first time and I took a 20mg ir.. of course it was amazing and had me feeling like I could do anything. After that day I found myself asking her for more and she gave them to me whenever I asked. Well months go by and I started to seek it from people that had prescriptions. Working in the bar industry I never had a problem finding it. For the next 2 years I would buy Adderall from people and drink heavily, all while working 50 plus hours a week. I started to spend so much money on it and was up to over 60 mg a day. I found myself taking it on my days off and it slowly started to ruin my life. I lost so much weight, I was 100 pounds at my worst and I’m 5’8 so you can imagine how I looked. I would smoke a pack of cigarettes or more a day, and drink every night just to be able to sleep... a vicious cycle. I never had any issues getting it either, I was surrounded by people with prescriptions that sold them to me. 60 mg turned to 80 mg then up to 100mg some days. This went on for 4 years. I was still bartending and basically just working to buy more adderall and barely pay my bills. My boyfriend got addicted worse than me during all of this and he ended up in the er twice for heart problems. We were in a co dependent awful drug and alcohol fueled relationship. Eventually we broke up and he got sober with relapses here and there. I decided I had enough with the life I was living and packed up everything and moved to Florida, I made sure I lost contact with everyone who sold to me and quit the bartending industry. I was off of Adderall for about 3 months and started a new job, all was going better until I saw one of my co workers take an orange football shaped pill, I knew right away I was in trouble. I instantly started to complain to him about how tired I was to see if he would offer me one. Sure enough he did and the cycle started all over. I wouldn’t even pay for them he would just give me multiple pills every week. This time I didn’t know endless people that would sell to me so my usage never got as bad again. I ended up meeting my now boyfriend and the father of my daughter at that same job... got pregnant shortly after we met and we moved into together. As soon as I found out I was pregnant I stopped using, it was the thing that saved me and he doesn’t know that to this day. I had my daughter in July of 2020 and was 9 months clean off Adderall at this point. Life was amazing and I loved being a new mom, I finally felt like I had purpose and was healthy. Well when my daughter was 3 months old I was still struggling with post partum depression and saw a therapist. I never disclosed to her my past addiction and something in my brain clicked and I realized I could probably leave her office with my own prescription for Adderall. Sure enough she started me on 10 mg a day and told me to check back with her in a month. I had justified it in my head that I wouldn’t abuse it bc I had a family now. Well for the first month I didn’t. Then the next refill came and it was all gone in less than 2 weeks. I requested a dosage increase and to my surprise she did and gave me 15 mg two times a day. Those 30 mg a day slowly went to 50 and I found myself right back at it but this time I had a baby and was a stay at home mom. I was so disappointed in myself but still kept getting my refills and running out 2 weeks before I should. I started smoking cigarettes again and not eating. I lost all my baby weight bc of Adderall, but I was so malnourished I felt terrible daily. I stopped enjoying being home with my daughter and being a new mom. That brings me to the last month, we moved back to my hometown to be closer to family and once again found my old hookups to get pills from. I found a new doctor at the beginning of April and got a new prescription. I found this group a few nights ago and it made me want to quit for good this time. My daughter deserves a mom who is there for her more than I have been. She is almost 9 months now and I hate myself for going back to my old ways. I find myself just wanting her to nap so I can do pointless things around my house, chain smoke on my porch, or randomly clean things. It doesn’t even help me function anymore I feel stupid and my brain doesn’t feel like it’s working half of the time. I’ve been at around 40 mg everyday now and have about 20 pills left. My doctor called yesterday to schedule my next appointment for a refill and told me she was going to drug test me, well I’ve been smoking weed so I know I won’t pass it and I told her this. So after this month I won’t have another refill. It is finally time to stop for good. I can’t keep living like this, I have no personality anymore and don’t enjoy anything. I feel like my body and mind are finally telling me to stop. If you’ve gotten this far thanks for reading. I’ll take any advice/encouragement you all have.
  11. non adderall users will never understand

    this all sounds like TREMENDOUS improvement!! I'm so sorry that your mother's comment robbed you of that accomplishment, but I think you've rightly recognized that it's not really her fault. our addiction is definitely unique, and the long term effects are seriously misunderstood. Pharm companies and doctors do a very good job of marketing Adderall as a "medication", but we all know it's just pharmaceutical speed. If you were addicted to "drugs", I'm sure your mother would never encourage continued use! hang in there - things are going to get A LOT better this year (:
  12. Eight Years

    @hyper_critical this is awesome, and just what people need to hear! when you're early in your recovery process, it's so hard to envision a future that's in fact better than anything Adderall could have delivered. I think something really important to consider is that even if you accomplish things on stimulants, you don't feel good about it. it feels like someone else really did the work. thanks for sharing your continued success (:
  13. I recently made a post about my recent relapse after almost a year clean. My mom noticed that i had more energy when i took the adderall and doesnt understand why i dont just keep taking it. I tried to explain that its an addiction and the good doesnt last and ill pay for it later. a few weeks ago i went home to visit her (i was still clean then) and I thought wow i feel good compared to a year ago when i first quit. we went shopping, i participated in family games, i didnt have alot of anxiety at dinners and a year ago this weekend would have been unimaginable without adderall. i just got off the phone with her and she made a comment like "you are better than when you came to visit" it broke me. non adderall users will never understand getting through the days without it. because compared to other drugs it can look normal. she also said "its been a year" theres no way you are still feeling the affects of when you took adderall. i just wish she understood that YES. im STILL dealing with the affects of my addiction of 5 years, even having taken the correct dosage. its so hard. really no one but adderall users will understand. its such a misunderstood addiction. :/
  14. huge step back at over a year clean

    Thank you for taking the time to respond to my post! @SleepyStupid and @EricP! Without this forum i defiantly think this relapse wouldn't have been so temporary. I've decided not to go forward with the adderall. thanks again
  15. @dolssa So sorry to hear about your relapse! it happens, and you got this! I am on Lexapro. Started at 5mg and have been sitting at 15mg for a few months now. I truly feel like a different person. A lot of my friends are also on Lexapro, and all have great experiences on it. @speedracer - I also thought this about myself!! It was really cool to realize this isn't the case.
  16. Eight Years

    Dear All, Yesterday, I had 8 years off Adderall (and all other substances). I'm 32 now. The life G-d has helped me build since getting clean is far beyond my wildest expectations. If you told me this is where I'd be back when I was a graveling, sickly 24 year old, up for weeks at a time, kidneys failing, living for the next ground-up 30xr, I would have laughed at you. Business owner, married (as of last year), kid on the way, homeowner, respected member of my community, having helped dozens of other young men get back on their feet...instead of being unable to look at my reflection in the mirror, I wake up each day with a positive outlook on what can happen and a knowledge deep in my soul that no matter what transpires, everything's going to be alright. If you're struggling with the decision about whether or when to quit, know this: if you're on this site, chances are very high that you're addicted to Adderall. Once that fatal neural pathway into is carved, you don't have a choice: quit or die. Use the resources on this site. Interact with others. Do whatever it is you have to do to get and stay clean. Nothing is more important. If I can be of help to any of you, don't hesitate to hit me up. With love and gratitude. David
  17. Hi Dolssa, I am sorry for your relapse. You got a year and thats darn good. Get back on that horse. I love the phrase, "progress not perfection". You got this. Coincidentally, I had conversation with an old friend yesterday about my failures at quitting Adderall in the past. He always encouraged me to quit. I told him I have 21 months. He was happy and surprised. I would always get some good time under my belt, even up to 8 months, then give up because my mood, ADD symptoms, fog brain, and depression overwhelmed me. I always figured I was the person who needs Adderall to survive in this crazy world. Its prescribed for a reason, and I was the reason. I never understood how long it takes for the brain to heal and recover from long term use. Our dopamine systems are shot. I think it takes 2 years to reach some sort of baseline. I have 21 months and still notice improvement. I did start taking Wellbutrin at 14 months or so because my wife insisted I had depression. It wasnt all about the withdrawl, or PAWS. I needed some more help than abstinence and sobriety. I took her advise, talked to my doctor and got a prescription for Wellbutrin. It worked for me and no side effects as far as I can tell. My quality of life got way better. I will probably wean off of it at the 2 year mark and see how it goes. So for me, addressing the depression was a big step forward. I enjoy golf and socializing now, I drink with friends about once a week. Before I had no interest in anything. I also think we live in an age of severe stress which contributes to depression. With the underlying recovery issues we face, the world and its stresses are likely to trigger at least some mild depression. And I think working a spiritual program daily is critical.
  18. huge step back at over a year clean

    As SleepyStupid said congrats on your progress! It is completely normal after giving up a miserable year of your life to give in & try it again. With all the progress I have made I still have wandering thoughts on how it would feel to try "just one", not happening! But still the thought enters my head on some bad days. It's a difficult journey and I know you can get thru it. You haven't been back on it for that long so you should be able to get back to where in your healing process very soon. Keep doing healthy things when you can. Eat healthy hike, bike, workout even a simple walk. It might take everything in you to do it but you'll be glad you did...
  19. 4 years clean - a recovery timeline

    Absolutely, and for me never really improved from quitting. Night vision issues and some depth perception problems. Reading glasses also however that is likely just age...
  20. huge step back at over a year clean

    @dolssa first of all, congrats on a year!! this relapse doesn't erase all the great work you've done, so don't beat yourself up over it. it is very telling that that within 2 weeks of restarting Adderall, it's already a regretful, negative experience. unfortunately this won't stop the addict in your mind from rationalizing to stay alive. you need to listen to your heart on this on this one. listen to the version of you that's literally crying over this. you've been on this forum long enough to know that people make HUGE progress throughout their 2nd and 3rd years. give yourself that time, don't worry about "accomplishing things". 26 is so young - you have SO MUCH TIME to accomplish things! but when you do, you want to know that it was YOU not the pill, right? (:
  21. 4 years clean - a recovery timeline

    just read this post and want to cry. its almost my exact journey in the beginning. I just relapsed at a little over a year becasue i felt i wasnt getting better. to hear you started feeling way better at two years than one year, i am encouraged to keep going and not hate myself too much for this two week relapse i just put myself through. congrats on four years
  22. Hi guys... I quit adderall Nov 11, 2019. It was the longest year of my life. it got easier very slowly. at a year mark i was able to maintain some friendships, but i still lacked motivation and had no drive to accomplish anything. I started to feel discouraged when I hit the year mark when things didn't start getting better. I tried wellbutrin with no success. and i am ashamed to say that two weeks ago i filled an adderall script. i just turned 26 so i got a new doctor with my own insurance who didn't know that i told my other doctor to not give me adderall again. instead i asked her for some in deep despair to accomplish something at 26 years old. I really thought i couldn't live without it again after a year clean. (it hasn't been all bad, i enjoy being able to sleep and not having a racing mind) but still i got my hands on another script. it helps. i get out of bed, i have motivation, i have clarity, but deep in my brain, i know every time i pop one its a mistake. that i'll pay for it later. now two weeks taking 20mg and I'm sitting here sobbing writing this. im so mad at myself for taking this step back for temporary feelings of accomplishment. I just want to feel okay. i want to have energy without that devil little orange pill. is it possible?? i really don't know.
  23. congrats! do you mind me asking what anti depressant you started? i quit a little more than a year ago and relapsed this week because of deep depression :/
  24. 21 Month Progress Report

    Close! date is June 18, 2019.
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  26. 2yrs

    I love reading your success stories!! So proud of you all! I have a few friends who started taking Adderall, making me think about it a lot. It's so helpful to read your stories and remember how crazy this addiction was for me back 11 years ago. I can't believe it's been that long, but wow, it feels good to be free from it and know it would make my life a living hell again if I ever resumed it. Congratulations, MR34!! 2 years is amazing!!!
  27. 21 Month Progress Report

    Speedracer!! We have the exact same sobriety date! June 24th, 2019????

    You can do it!
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