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  3. Has adderall affected your physical health?

    Yes, they went away. I think that was from the lack of sleep and exhaustion that was all too easy to cure with another pill.
  4. Post quitting tips?

    I'm roughly 20-22 days Adderall free. Overall I feel better than when I was taking it. I'm less anal about when I'll be taking another pill, I can actually genuinely laugh on a daily basis, and I don't always worry that at any moment my heart will burst. However now that I'm 3 weeks sober I have a few things maybe y'all could advise me on. It's nothing major but in the midst of my getting back to normal I have struggled with some things that in retrospect I relied on Adderall to help me with. 1) General boredom? Like I ask for more days off work just to relax a bit now that I am off Adderall but now I just feel bored. I don't know how to spend my day. I dont really have friends to spend it with. Kinda just feel lonely. 2) Bloating. Lately I have just been eating a lot of junk that fills me up. My weight has fluctuated A LOT during the time I have been on ad off Adderall. When I first was taking it I immediately lost a lot of weight. Binging and crashing a lot made me gain and slightly drop some of that weight. I've never been much into health or fitness so I'm really just clueless how to go about starting a exercise routine, a better diet without making too big changes too fast, maybe I should get a trainer? Idk. Now I'm easily 50lbs heavier than I was when starting Adderall (ironically I initially lost 50lbs within the first few months on this stuff). 3) Antisocial tendecnies? I'm a shy person and always have been but Adderall let me come out of my shell to a certain extent but by the end of the time on the drug I was anti social again. Now I'm just lonely a lot just curious as to how people make friends? It's a pathetic question being as I am 21 but making friends is really hard for me. Maybe if anyone could give some tips on socializing in a school/college setting? As I am a student. And just general conversing tips (platonicly and otherwise) Other than the boredom, weight gain, and lack of socializing... Life without Adderall is great. Just makes it hard to resist asking for a refill when I don't know how to spend the days and when in just a week or so I'll be starting classes again without adderall for the first time in my college career. Thanks everyone
  5. What's a normal amount of focus?

    You should watch the course: Learning How to Learn, on Coursera. It's all about building strategies to build focus and memory retention from the ground up. It's a very gentle start to a very complex but useful set of tools. I highly recommend it. It's also free!
  6. Has adderall affected your physical health?

    Did the puffy/dark circles get better after quitting?
  7. The #1 worst thing about Adderall

    One of my few friends I have left giving me a call yesterday during a binge and me not talking like myself at all, being more negative, etc.
  8. Social anxiety

    I've been taking Green Mountain CBD for a few weeks and can vouch for their product. Works excellent for social anxiety as well as mood disorders, epilepsy, pain, PTSD, drug addiction, etc. Organically grown hemp plants in Vermont, 100% legal since there's only trace amounts of THC.
  9. Today is a good day !

    That sounds awesome Frank!!!! Looking forward to seeing how it goes. Hope this is the big break you've been waiting for
  10. One Word Status Update

    Ironman Chattanooga 2017!!!!
  11. Last week
  12. Blood pressure higher off adderall, wha?

    Holy crap that sounds scary. I had to look that one up. I just got off the phone with my doctors office and my blood work and urine sample came back normal for everything they tested for including kidney and liver function. I wonder if I had a short stent of this like you did because I remember my pee looking kinda brownish right around the time I quit. Good lord this drug is bad.
  13. Blood pressure higher off adderall, wha?

    I had rhabdomyolysis towards the end that caused my blood pressure to fall from its high levels the preceding years. That was NOT a good sign...apparently meant my kidneys were starting to fail. NOT a doctor and that's what I remember them telling me towards the end and shortly after I got clean. Don't even remember if I've got the details right but it scared the shizzle out of me.
  14. Today is a good day !

    Well got a call from a company who was interested in hiring me and buying my business . They want me to do a 30 day trial see how it works out for us on both ends. Think this is what I've been waiting for man it's raining here today but for me suns shining!
  15. I took adderall 20-40 mg for 12 years. Not once in that 12 year span did a single doctor tell me I had high blood pressure and in the span of 12 years I went to A LOT of doctor appointments. My blood pressure reading was always Normal, sometimes it was low. Since quitting (approx 3 months ago) my blood pressure has actually gone up from what it was while I was on adderall, but I'm still in the normal range. Most people I read about on here had high blood pressure on adderall and the blood pressure went down after quitting. Toward the end of my use I swear I felt like i had high blood pressure but my numbers don't correlate. Has anyone else had this happen? I'm confused by this and I'm having some health issues so wondering if this is part of it. Any insight is appreciated. Thanks.
  16. Today is a good day !

    Yay Frank! Glad to hear it!
  17. Today is a good day !

    So far not making money today but dammit I feel good! Took kid to school got the gym had a good work out. Last night my bb team played out of their damn minds now heading to the elite 8 tournament this weekend! Just thought I'd share since I share too many bad days lol. Maybe if I'd focus less on how much money I'm not making everyday and being happy the money will come my way.
  18. How many of us are 100% ADD ?

    I feel like if you list the symptoms of ADD/ADHD, pretty much everyone can relate to at least a few of them. I personally think it's a made up disease but I'm sure there will be lots of people who disagree with me. For me, Adderall covered up my depression and I thought it was amazing (at first). It gave me energy and motivation like I had never had before, and I finally felt "happy". I felt like I could finally do anything! Until it all came crashing down of course. But anyway, no, I don't believe I actually have ADD/ADHD, however when I took the test I did score quite high on it and was diagnosed with it. Like you said, I just knew what to say. Am I a little lazy and do I lack a little focus? Yes for sure. But I don't think I would label it as a disease.
  19. How many of us are 100% ADD ?

    Start a new topic. Under the "topic details" header on top, there will be two tabs: the default tab is "content" and the tab next to it is "poll". Choose poll and design your question and answers. It is multiple choice. I think the results would be very interesting if enough people answered it.
  20. How many of us are 100% ADD ?

    Unlike the ability to say what blood type you are the labeling of ADD seems to be in the eye of the beholder.
  21. Running 50 Miles Without Adderall

    I'm approaching one year off adderall. Looking back, the first month was quite difficult. I felt a lack of energy and I was bored. I tried to eat healthy and stay active, but it wasn't as easy without the pills. I gained about 20 pounds (about 10% weight gain). On the other hand, I sensed that colors, sounds and smells were all more vivid without adderall. I started sleeping *much* better and I started dreaming again. About 3 months after quitting, I started to get some energy back. I missed the intensity and drive- the extra boost that adderall gave me, but I had no desire to go back--- well maybe a little--- I had access to pills through my teen son, but I didn't take any of them. At this 1 year mark, I definitely have way more energy than when I first quit. Workouts aren't anywhere near their former intensity, but I have a new normal that I accept. I feel good. I'm bored at times. I lack energy at times, but I'm ok with that. I'm living life on life's terms and I feel present. I occasionally miss adderall, but I prefer the cadence of reality. I'm not angry anymore. My skin cleared up. My patience returned. I'm "me" again.
  22. Social anxiety

    I've dealt with a but of social anxiety my whole life. It is worse right after you quit Adderall but it gets better at about the three month mark, at least it did for me. It takes awhile to adjust to life without it.
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