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A Theatre Production: I need people to interview!

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Hello Everyone!

My name is Naomi Ackie I'm a Drama Student In London and I am about to enter my second year. This autumn I am going to be part of a company creating a piece of verbatim theatre based on the American Healthcare system. My personal research route has been about Prescription drugs, it's uses and dangers and how it's easy access has affected everyday people. I'm basically looking for people to interview to find out what your going through, how you got there and what you hope for in the future. If you did talk to me the interview would be recorded and taken back to my company to see if we can coorporate it into the play we haven't created yet! I realise that what you are going or have gone through isn't just a story it's your life, your experiences (if you choose to share them with myself and a small theatre community here in london) will be treated with the upmost respect and care when being re-told, that I can whole-heartedly guarantee.

If you would like to talk to me, please contact me on

Thanks for your time,

Naomi Ackie

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