Interesting and slightly depressing article

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Ive seen all of those except following...ill have to check it out.

I feel like ive done nothing but smoked weed and have seen every netflix series :\

Yet i dont feel like getting off the couch!!!

Idk i just dont feel completely ready, im sure all the weight gain has taken a toll on my body.

Is this normal for anyone else?

Sounds normal for me, unfortunately.

I've gained 15lbs and that's a lot for a small chick like me.

It's been 65 days today and I am having one of those total blah days. I got up around 11am and got dressed, didn't shower and laid back down in bed for the rest of the day... Tomorrow will be better. :)

As for Netflix, I totally agree on the aforementioned series, including The Following. I also dig:

-Bates Motel

-Orange is the New Black

Not on Netflix, but the Despicable Me and Despicable Me 2 movies always make me laugh.

I can't get enough of those Minions.

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How would you guys stay up for so long? I felt like I was taking a lot (30-40mgs) and I can only remember pulling one or two all nighters.


The meth and Adderall comparison is what scares me. As a former Adderall user, I was never aware of the potential damages it could do. I really hope my dopamine receptors are not burned up. I still enjoy things, just not as much.

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