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I believe I was diagnosed w/ fibromyalgia/chronic fatigue and Raynaud's syndrome in 2003 and before I was prescribed adderall. Although, I believe adderall came into play around the same time or the same year maybe...I was prescribed adderall for ADHD, but it sure helped w/ the severe fatigue! And so it became the one thing that I have had trouble letting go of... and boy does it have a hold of me. I have tried everything over the years... Concerta was the first thing I was ever prescribed (made me sick to my stomach, sleepy and just wasn't a good med for me), Provigil (slept through it- in other words, didn't work), Vyvanse (better for addictive part of my brain, but has many cons as well, plus it's expensive).


Oh and if I mentioned my sis was sent to the hospital it is bc my parents had to call the police on her... again. This time they took her somewhere for 2 weeks. It obviously isn't the greatest place and didn't work. She has severe manic bipolar so abusing stimulants makes her super crazy! I'm afraid she will never come around. Her mental problems just keep getting worse...

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