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10 days in... I actually feel really good

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I was prescribed and took adderall for 2 years.  Started out at 10mg XR a day, eventually became 20mg a day, then up to 30mg a day, and then down to 20mg a day for the 2 months prior to quitting cold turkey.  


The first 3 days were pretty tough, because I was very tired (felt jet lagged) and couldn't focus at all.  About 5 days in, things started getting much better.  I got less and less tired each day, and I could feel my anxiety going away as well.  I'm now 10 days in, and I feel really really good.  Almost back to where I was before I started taking adderall.


I wanted to post this for everyone thinking of quitting. Before I made the decision to quit, I was extremely scared because of what I had read on these forums.  Everyone's body is different.  I realize I'll have road bumps going forward, but hasn't been as bad as I expected.  You can do it and you'll feel a lot better for it

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