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My name is Marissa and I'm currently a student in the process of writing my senior thesis. I am focusing on the personal stories of individuals who identify as dependent (or previously dependent) on stimulant medication such as Adderall. I believe these stories have the power to reveal the deeper meanings and implications of being “medicatedâ€, especially when the medication is powerful enough to alter so many aspects of a person's life. The motivation behind this project is the noticeable lack of literature that acknowledges the lived experiences of psycho-stimulant users themselves. I want to hear about your experiences by asking open-ended questions through these forums.


I'm looking for participants over the age of 18 that are willing to contribute to my research by responding to the question in this post. Any identifying information you share with me, including your user name, will not be included in my final draft, which I will send to you once completed upon request. To confirm that you consent to participate, please explicitly indicate that you agree to participate in your response by stating “I agree to participate in the research project entitled 'Understanding the Medicated Self'â€. Any information shared without explicit consent will not be used in my research. You are also free to withdraw consent at any time by contacting me through my website account and I will remove any information you have shared from my research.


I wish to learn from your experiences because I believe they are significant. I also want to be as open and honest with you as possible. Feel free to ask me questions, or contact me through my website account, which I will update soon with more information about myself and my project. For now, it has my email address. 


All that said, (sorry for the long post), for those of you interested, what is your story? 

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