QuittingAdderall forum rules (or lack thereof)

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Hi All,

Couple points to remember...

1. I'm going to start with one big generic forum ("Post everything else in here for now", or "The Everything Forum" for short). Once this thing starts growing, we can start sectioning it off into sub-forums. Ideas for what these sub-forums should be are very welcome! Post ideas in the generic forum or send them to me in PM.

2. Profanity allowed.

3. If I could make one request: Put a couple of seconds' thought into your post titles. If your post is about your legs going numb after quitting Adderall, don't title your post something generic like "Have a problem", title it "Legs going numb after quitting?" or even "Does anybody else have the numb leg problem?" --- just something representative of the content.

4. Please post any ideas for making the site or forums better. I love that stuff.

Talk to you soon!


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I'm on it. It's coming in like a flood, sorry. I'm locking things down now and working to cut down what's there now. Bear with me. I'll get it dammed eventually.

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