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Hello I just want to share my experience quitting adderall~

Although I had never before tried quitting adderall, I had been planning to quit for nearly 8 years. I had been waiting to finish college. For years I was on the same dose of 90, 15mg pills per month. It wasn't too long before my prescription started to run out weeks early. Instead of quitting at this point like I should have, I asked the doctor more. He rejected my request, like a good doctor should. So I made the bad yet simple move of getting another prescription from another doctor. The new doctor, not knowing I was already being treated, started me on 135, 15mg/month. Over the course of a year, I was able to swallow the combined prescriptions in one month. That equates to 100-120mg/day. Ouch. I hesitate in admitting this for fear that it would wrongfully inspire another adderall junky to do the same. But I believe honesty is important here, and I highly doubt it's a new idea to anyone. I don't recommend it, of course.

I'll continue...

I was two-timing them like this for nearly three years. I was careful for the first year or so, making sure not to fill the prescriptions at the same pharmacy. But one pharmacy charged half the price of the other and ah, what can I say... I'm cheap, daring and stupid. So this summer, with only two weeks before graduating college, I announced my decision to end treatment to both my doctors. They gave me my last prescription, a handshake, a congratulations and I was off to the pharmacy. A week later, I was in to get my other “last” prescription filled when sonofabitch........while sitting on the waiting bench, dicking around on facebook.....the pharmacist approaches me and says “we let your Dr.X know about your Dr.Y, and we can't fill your prescription until we hear back from him.” Inside me were sirens and red lights but I calmly stood up and casually said “Ok, just gimme a call when you find out what he says,” and then walked out with my tail tucked between my legs. :oops:

I love the irony of this......the sequence of deciding to quit and then having my doctors notified of my dishonesty. To me it shouted “AND STAY OUT!” I quit taking adderall entirely 'cold turkey' after my first "last" script ran out 2.5 months ago. Since then, the embarrassment of having my doctors informed of my drug abuse and the fears of them taking legal action against me have subsided. I'll never take adderall or any other adderall-like drug again.

Whether it be entirely on your own, through a rehab, or by fearing the law, it MUST be done. I am alive and well and strongly encourage anyone reading this to entirely quit as well. The ugliness is not in the withdrawal, but in the addiction itself. The addiction, my withdrawal experience, my life before and after....those are different stories but I'm happy however, to elaborate on these or to answer any questions.

Please note that doctor shopping is a punishable crime and I discourage anyone from going to that extreme. Also please note that I love love love life without adderall in a multitude of ways!



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Oh wow, I dont miss the doctor shopping days at all. Your story is all too familiar, I along with my adderall buddy used to always get into these messes. In fact I wish he was on this site and off of the addy train today we had a big falling out a big part to do with adderall.

It got really messy the last year of my abuse with two doctors, shortage of pills and a cocktail addy's and zanex.

I am 6 months clean now and starting my first jobs in life without it.

Ii am in no means as creative as I was and have at times moments where i miss it so much,

but your story brought me so much joy in being a quitter and laughter when i think of the ridiculous situations i put myself in, I don't miss my doctors or pharmacists at all.

and that cycle i ran in circles around for the past years...

cheers to moving on....

Thanks for sharing


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