Adderall and Bi-polar

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Hello everyone!

For the past 12 weeks now, my boyfriend(we'll call him Fred) has been on a kick of thinking the neighbors are after him. These delusions are unbelievable. At first it scared me, now it's just a every day thing that I just try and ignore.

It all started about 3-4 years ago. I've been with Fred for over 9 years. I've always known something was off, depression/bi-polar. Hypochondriac also. But always noticed the laziness, lack of motivation, mood swings, depression, bi-polar. . Etc etc. About 3-4 years ago Fred was hospitalized for the first time. This was due to depression/bi-polar. He had a interaction with Saphris that pit Jim into a seizure and said stopped his heart. Well he got a different med... not sure what but never stayed on them. Would get a job and quit within a few months.

So I got a new job and we moved. New doctors for Fred etc. Freds new doctor either never read any of his passed documents or he's just an idiot. Anyways put him on Adderall and said how you only have adhd. Fred felt amazing and could concore the world. He was going to school doing well.

Then about 12 weeks ago, started thinking he had esp. I didn't think much of it, was working a lot. Thought we'll he's probably bored and making stuff up. Till the weekend came and noticed him fearing the neighbors. Said they were tapping into our internet, they could read his thoughts, they had x-ray devices and could see between our walls, that they were gonna frame him to get him put in jail, etc etc. It got so bad by week 2 that we had him I'm a crisis unit. Where they kept giving him more Adderall. Next thing you know he freaks out and they send him to a institution. They then took his Adderall away and gave him seraquill and Buspar. I thought he was doing good. Claimed the voices were not real and he wasn't hearing them anymore. Or at least I thought. When he came home it landed us back in the hospital with a panic attack. Then again 2 days later with kidney stones. He wasn't doing too hot. Went back to his doctor the following week that took him off his meds and put him back on Adderall. Are u kidding me???

Needless to say we're on week 12... been in the ER about 6-7 times for panic attacks mainly or hypochondriac things, 3 times in a crisis unit and 1 time in a institution. He's on geodon and latuda now and the voices/delusions are still there. Not as bad but still there. Still believes he has a transmitter in his brain and that's how this clan gets into his mind.

Anyone else have this issue with Adderall making them go into psychosis? How did you get it to finally stop. Did the beliefs stop? I take 30mg XR and 20mg of IR of Adderall and font have any isdues. Been on it for many years. But I'm desperately reading forums and constantly looking into different meds. Any advice? ?

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