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ive been doing aderall for just over a year, and for the first month or two it made everything better, i was in better shape i was doing better at school and i was being more social. and because of this after 8months of use when i was extremely anti social without the ability to feel emotions i thought it was just me. i would rarely hangout with friends and when i did there were times where i woudnt say more then 5words(which made it so i had to be extremely drunk to hangout with friends). i was on anti depressents and they kinda both kill your emotions so i thought they were the problem however when i quit the anti depressents i still felt the same. i felt as if i was becoming a shell without a brain. it wasnt until i saw the episode of south park about riddalin that i realized that this drug might be whats causing my problems. so i looked it up and sure enough it was (this sight being my main educator.) i read quite a bit of personal stories that were very similar to mine and it deeply inspired me to quit. so i went off and on for about 2months or so and now ive been sober for about 3months, it feels amazing im hanging out with my friends multiple times during the week and having fun everytime. my dad and i are actually talking (rather then before where we would just eat dinner in silence) ive been able to keep my bond with almost all the people i had stoped hanging out with. there was a few positive things about aderall though, it aught me to kind of "grow up" and think more logically. anyways i just wanted to thank the creator of the sight for convincing me as well as helping me convince my parents (even though i should be able to choose what goes into my body) with your amazing writing and out of the box logic

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