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There are lots of older post dates. If rarely used, is there a forum with higher traffic someone could suggest?


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There are other forums for addiction but this one is the only adderall specific one.  Quitting adderall is a unique beast and from what I've found, other forums like are more focused on alcohol and/or don't have enough adderallics to help with this specific issue.  


It's also the most supportive, insightful, and caring group around :)


I've been on here awhile and the forum traffic sometimes ebbs and flows.  It doesn't seem as active as previously for some reason but like anywhere, people come and go.  But there is always an active core group, and there are also always new people coming here in need of advice.  Encouraging them is key to keeping this community growing.  


This forum is what WE as a group make it.  If you post a lot, you also encourage others to post too.  If you're struggling, you will get responses.  

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