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Hey I'm in Montgomery. I've been on it for a decade, just turned 30 and I'm going to have to quit. I want to donate my body to science, because I've taken more in the last 2 years than any person 2X my weight could handle. When I'm off of it I can sleep all day and all night. I am considering a rehab facility, because each time I try to quit everyone and anyone-from my date, to my friends, to Joe at the library just hands me 10 and says here, that'll get you through the month. ... They don't understand I'm like an alcoholic (adderallic-so genius a phrase coined by admin) I was a beautiful, possibly eating disordered, functioning, creative, high GPA, personable yoga instructor when I began it. Now, I'm a monster. Who will I be in a month?

where will I go?

Is Alabama capable of having a center that can rehabilitate in a holistic way (antidepressants don't do me well, neither does speaking of God-hs great and all but religion never worked for me)?

Recommendations please! And thanks for posting, it gives me hope!

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