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I need help with choosing the right Vitamins and Supplements?

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Hello again,


                     I need help finding the correct vitamins and supplements to help speed up my recovery process. After doing more research about Adderall on the internet I learned that I was very addicted to it. I would never take it as prescribed, I was a binge user. When I quit I noticed that the withdraw symptoms were present but not crippling. The most important thing me is getting back to my normal personality/thought process. I can't tell you how many times I've entered the psychosis phase; over the years I've been there so many times I learned how to cope (as messed up as that sounds). I've read that there are many different things one can take to help return them to their original state of mind. What better place to get the answers then this forum. While I'm on the subject I wanted to take time to thank every single person on this site. It's been really hard trying to find someone that understands addiction. My girlfriend, parents, friends they don't understand it takes a lot more the quit something that has a hold on you mentally. The only person that I can relate to is step-sister who is unfortunately on her third week of heroine recovery. I'm glad that I've been through this addiction because I am the only person in her life that truly understands how she is thinking and feeling. I kind of went off there; but the fact is thank you so much to every single person out there. Only thing is too find some natural tools to help balance me back out. Have a great day everyone!



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