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GERD relief

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I know a lot of you have experienced nasty acid reflux from quitting. Not fun. I won't go too into my details but my acidic stomach gave me ulcers and after going through several "fun" tests we discovered that the adderall was the cause of my destroyed digestive system. Another reason to quit before long term use takes its toll.

In light of my struggles I have found some great supplements that are natural that will help you heal up quick if you also stuggle! 1.) DGL. This stuff is amazing! 2.) Acid Ease by Enzymatic. 3.) Raw and fermented cabbage juice. I make my own it's super simple. And 4.) Lilly of the Desert Aloe Stomach Formula.

I went from PPI,s like Prilosec and diet modifications and the works but this didn't work to heal my gut. After trial and error over and over I found the remedies above and within a week I was feeling better and pain was almost completely gone. Adderall can seriously mess up your health. I have a whole list of health issues that were caused by taking that pill and I'm so glad I quit when I did. 6 months clean!

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