"The United States of Adderall"

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Has anyone seen this four-part series by Dr. Larry Diller on HuffPost?  It's excellent.

Here's a link to Part Four which in turn has links to Parts 1-3: 


Diller is a "behavioral pediatrician" who has prescribed Ritalin and Adderall for years, so he's not anti-medication on principle.  Still, he's been concerned for years about over-diagnosis of ADHD in kids and overuse of stimulants.  He's even more concerned about the diagnosis of Adult ADHD -- and thinks Adderall is actually much more dangerous for adults than kids.  He is really sounding the alarm about Adderall addiction, and is enough of an expert that he might even get listened to.


He begins by describing a young woman called Amber (actually a composite of several patients he's known) who started taking Adderall in college.  She's clearly addicted, becoming horribly depressed and confused when she doesn't have her pills ...


Would be great to post these articles on the site!

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Wow, this is great stuff!  I am so glad they are really finally getting it!!  Thank you for sharing this!


Here are the links to the other parts of the article just in case anyone needs quick reference.


Part I


Part II


Part III

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