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Supplement Side Effects

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I would like to discuss some of the perceived side effects I have noticed while taking various supplements. Rarely are the side effects identified on the bottle because supplements are underregulated.  Keep in mind these are only my personal observations and are strictly anecdotal in nature. 

Currently, I take fish oil and vitamin C almost daily; I take a multivitamin without iron, a B-Complex, and Vitamin D 2-3 times per week; and L-Tyrosine and St John's Wort as needed only when I feel a bout of depression coming on.


Iron:  Sometimes it is hard to digest and it causes middle back pain while I am sleeping leading to poor quality sleep

Calcium:  Causes hot sleep cycles and night sweats and difficult urination.  Even too much cheese or almondmilk causes these effects.

Lions Mane: mushroom burps and overthinking things.  Obsessive thoughts.

Fish oil:  Fish burps and tinnitus (ringing in my ears)

Vitamin D:  Tinnitus

L-Tyrosine:  Muscle twitches, especially in the extremities.  Headaches if I take too much

5 Hour Energy: overwhelming anxiety.  tingling scalp sensation.

St John's Wort:  Photosensitivity leading to sunburn

5-HTP and trpyptophan: Morning grogginess and a hangover-type feeling the next day. 


Anybody else have similar experiences or have you experienced other side effects from your supplements?

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Bah, i didn't even notice this thread when I did my analysis of L-Tyrosine.  Yeah it gives me headaches too unless I go exercise right away on it.


For some reason I had no negative effects from 5-HTP, its my favorite supplement.  It really balances me out when I'm feeling shitty, and I have zero compulsion or desire to take it when I'm feeling fine so I am not worried at all about it becoming a habit.  I go though about a container (60 capsules) per year or so.

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