"Reversing Brain Damage" Supplements

By positivethoughts,
First of all I would like to say that I am NOT a representative of any supplement company or anything like that, so please do not think I am trying to peddle some product on any of you.    I am 3 months into quitting vyvanse (70mg daily) cold turkey, after taking it for 2+ years. First of all, I would not suggest that anyone quit cold turkey unless they understand the effects it could have on you. For me, I was hospitalized twice, first for a panic attack and second for an excruciating migraine. But the worst part for me was the brain fog, not being able to focus on anything, feeling lethargic, unable to think clearly, unable to sleep. It really put me in a very dark place to which I am only starting to recover from. I did not fully understand the extent to which I would be affected by the withdrawals.    Ever since I quit, I have been looking for some sort of supplement that could help me heal. My doctor prescribed me with xanax but I did not want to take it, the idea of going from one drug to another did not seem ideal. I am a former HS and college football player, so I have also grown more concerned with the potential of having brain damage as a result of years of subconcussive head impacts, in combination with my use/abuse of vyvanse for 2+ years. My research into this topic led me to this study (http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/21615001).The study suggests that by using vitamins and supplements to enhance bloodflow (ginko and vinpocetine), acetylcholine (acetyl-l-carnitine and huperzine A), and antioxidant activity (alpha-lipoic acid and n acetyl-cysteine), former players were able to increase overall bloodflow to different areas of the brain, and improve their overall cognitive function. From the looks of it, the results were relatively significant, with some players showing more than 50% improvement in cognitive function, and implies that brain damage could be reversed in football players and former substance abusers. The full article can be found here for free if you click the pdf version of the article titled "Reversing Brain Damage in Former NFL Players" (http://www.tandfonline.com/action/doSearch?quickLinkJournal=&journalText=&AllField=reversing+brain+damage&publication=42857027).    I have been taking this group of supplements, except for the fish oil, for the past week or so and do feel that I have been improving. The vinpocetine and ginko made me feel weird at first, my heart felt like it fluttered a bit, but has gone away. I have also been exercising more regularly which could be helping. I have been able to concentrate for longer during the day, particularly in the morning, but I would not say I am quite to pre-vyvanse levels of concentration. Best part is the sleep, I am able to fall asleep at night without having to take Zzzquil or melatonin - however I do find that I am not able to sleep through the night, I usually wake up very early 3 or 4am and have to force myself to fall back asleep. It's still an improvement though.    I am happy to speak with anyone about this. When it comes to these types of things, I know that it's usually too good to be true, but nonetheless any form of hope is helpful.    Hopefully someone else finds it helpful