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If you've seen the movie Click you might be able to like me relate to the use of adderal and the movie. I've been going through a lot of emotions of time that has fast forwarded away. I think when your on adderal you really don't set a good timeline of memories. Everything in your mind is moving so fast anything that normally would be a big part of your life is just thrown to the side looking for the next task to accomplish. When I look back at how fast my sons have grown it hurts. I know that I've always been their but how much of that time was a rushing everything to get back to working. Now everything is the opposite I must force myself to work. I try to think back at who I was before adderal but sometimes those memories hurt so bad to realize I was a good father and hard worker before I used adderal. I choose a drug to make me work harder then I needed. I wasted years of my life over accomplishing my work goals yet underachieving being the best father I could be yet never cared while on the drug. I just hope I can find that balance again of working hard providing well for my family and being a great father. Right now I can be a great dad but things won't be so great if I can't get my shit together to provide like I need to. This is the lowest I've ever felt I know people on here say I should be proud but being proud of my sobriety won't pay my bills. I see why so many people cannot kick this drug I hope anyone reading these who are considering taking it for the first time realize your selling your soul away by taking it and the devil sure doesn't like to give it back.

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