Embarassing Job Interviews On Adderall

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I started to adderall in the summer of 2013. At first, it was incredible and I could do anything. After several weeks of daily use, the magical effects went away and I became a cracked out maniac.  


I spent most of 2013-2014 applying for jobs. During interviews , I would just ramble like an idiot and make no sense. Sometimes they would ask me a question and my answer would be completely unrelated (like a story about my ex). They would have a "what the fuck?" expression on their face. They probably thought I was mentally challenged. 


Whenever an interview would go well, I would find a way to bomb it due to paranoia. I was insane. I still kept taking adderall despite all this. 


I became increasingly paranoid and crazy. One time I told the interviewer that she was terrible and asked too many questions. I became increasingly pessimistic due to my failures and would tell interviewers to go screw themselves. 


Adderall made me sensitive to any criticism and I would take everything seriously to the point it became personal. I have burned so many bridges and ruined my relationships with people.


I broke a roommates door down and smashed their windows because they left it open during the cold weather. Quite the genius huh?

I bullied co workers till they quit. Then got myself fired after my boss made a comment about my poor judgement. My mentality was "oh you wanna see poor judgement motherfucker? I will show you poor judgement!" I was extremely hostile to other people for no reason at all. 

I am one month adderall free and can't believe some of the things I have done on it. Things that are completely embarrassing. 


What are some of the insane things you have done on Adderall? 



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