Compulsive joint cracking anyone?

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All throughout the day especially when I am on adderall I can't help but crack my joints.. Not just knuckles like I have always moderately done but these days I'm am popping my ankle/foot bone? Rolling my ankle until it pops cause if I don't hear or feel a nice loud pop I just obsess over it until I am successful. Now that's not a huge deal normally but I shit you not I spend hours doing it without really thinking about it and I think my family in the next room can hear me do it at all hours of the night and now I just feel very self conscious about myself even more. I was just wondering if any else has had this issue? It's not as bad when I'm off adderall FYI. Just sucks cause right now as I write Im doing it and it's keeping me from getting to sleep



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Never got into knuckle cracking, but started biting finger nails like crazy on Addy. 

I can get fixated on nails, gnawing around the edges. Very self conscious about it and even hide my hands in some situations. Maybe it's the excess 'energy' from the drug trying to find an outlet. Or some subconscious self-soothing impulse triggered by the chemical. (?)

Good news is, for me at least, behavior tends to diminish as I reduce my dosage, so hopefully not a longterm problem. 

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