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4 months plus some

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Four months without adderall

my life has been turned right side up, these last four months have been the longest of my life, or so it feels like. I've had to relearn everything i once thought i knew. 

I wish i had made a timeline of the epiphanies ive had along this process. When i came into treatment i remember having faith that i could be restored, that my life could get better that i eventually would feel better and i imagined what that would be like. So far its been nothing like i had imagined, and thankfully so because its much better. 

Quitting adderall was a painful process but it was less painful than the hell i was living in so it really was the easier of the two options i was faced with.

I just wanted to check in and say hey, I used to check in here daily but ive been visiting less and less frequently as work, AA and NA have been filling in my life. I really really recommend NA or AA for anyone struggeling with quitting and stuck in that cycle of promising yourself youll taper off or never take it again and end up in the very same dark place over and over again. Some think NA/AA is brain washing but honestly people i was so neurotic and paranoid my brain could use a little washing.

This website saved my life when i was afraid of leaving my apartment and afraid of being honest to anyone around me. 


Not only are you good enough without adderall, you are more than good enough!! 

You deserve the life of your dreams

You are not alone, you can recieve help as long as you ask for it and youre willing. 

Much LOVE:)

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