What supplements have helped you??

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This is my current every day vitamin regime

1. 1200 mg fish oil 

- I don't really think it helps me but it's so good for you so I just continue to take it

2. 800 mcg folic acid 

- my doctor recommended this for my depression although I don't think it does anything 

3. 3 hair, skin & nails caplets

- hoping this will help with some of the hair loss due to Adderall

4. Stresstabs + energy

- so my mom got me these for Christmas & I just now decided to try them. They contain something called sensoril which is supposed to help with stress as well as arginine, glutamine, & taurine for energy. So far I haven't noticed any results but I read a lot of positive reviews about them so I figure I should give them a chance (I've only been taking them for a week) 

I still feel very sleepy. One thing I have been doing is making green smoothies out of kale & spinach in the morning hoping it with help me feel less lethargic. Usually if I don't have work I end up just laying around all day or napping. I don't have motivation really to do other things. I drink a lot of caffeine & it does nothing for me. When I used to take Adderall I always used caffeine to help delay the crash but now I feel as if I'm indifferent to it. 

What are your experiences? What has worked for you?

I have read that 5-htp works well for depression but I am afraid to take it daily because I read that your brain will stop producing serotonin over time as a result. 

Does any one have experiences with L-tyrosine? I have heard of a lot of people taking it but I have yet to try it & I'm afraid it will make me tired. 

Your feedback is appreciated!

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I've been drinking vitamin water zero lately and I find it helps a lot in keeping a positive mental state 

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@Depression, I had really good luck with L-Tyrosine and took it for about 3 years post quitting.  It definitely curbed the depression.  The downside?  I think it caused muscle tremors (and headaches if I took too much of it).

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A smidgen off-topic here as it's more diet related, but it's what has been helping me a TON when I quit 13 weeks ago: go on Google and research the ketogenic diet and increased energy and mental clarity. It's a match made in heaven for those quitting Adderall. My energy, clarity, mood, anxiety, depression, T levels, etc are incredibly stabilized.

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