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16 months!

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My husband has been off adderall for 16 months today.  I haven't checked in since the one year mark but wanted to let you all know that he is still going strong.   We had our 30 anniversary last month - the first happy one in at least a decade.  We live in Florida and survived the hurricane the other day.  Two of our adult kids came over to eat, shower and just hang out because we got power back before they did.  It occurred to me that they probably would not have done so had this happened before he quit, since our house was such a tense, unhappy place.

I'm just sitting here and thinking about if it wasn't for this site and all the hours I have spent reading post after post going back years, that I would have never had the knowledge to pull my husband out of the abyss.  I just want to thank each and everyone one of you who shared their struggles and bared their souls to strangers.  You never know sometimes who you touch and what effect you have on other people's lives but I want to let you know that your contribution has made a difference.

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