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Thank you adderall

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Oh those little pills I used to find interesting ways to ingested in order to reach my blood stream quicker, can you believe its been a year since we were last together?

So many fast and reckless days spent together. You made me feel smart, so special and loved. But you took a toll on my body. My mind. My soul. 

Its been a while since we've talked. The memory of you is becoming a dull ache in the back of my conscience. I guess I'm really writing to say that I dont hate you. In fact, I love you. But in a whole new way. You see, I used to think that feeling 20 min or less after poppin a pill, i thought that was what love felt like. I thought that was the most long lasting obtainable feeling of love that existed. But love doesnt leave you feeling anxious and afraid. 

Thanks for introducing me to humility. I used to think she was boring but we've become really good friends. 

You see, now I think of our time together as an invaluable experience completely necessary for my evolution to a more decent human being. Youve changed the way i experience life, the way i want to spend my time, who I hang out with, the books i read, and what touches my heart. 

Thanks for the pain and suffering. I now know that i carry an even greater strength within me. Because of you, my heart isnt so heavy and I have a lightness in my body, a joy, that i never knew before. 

Please know that I'll keep our experience together in my heart, always. Its Okay. I love you. 

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