Finally Finding Strength

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Thank you for these words @Bobcostas281. I haven’t wanted to use since I abused so badly over New Years but I’m waiting more and more to get that feeling back and thinking maybe just maybe I’ll feel alive and clear minded again and have my passion and motivation just one more time. It’s hard to not say fuck it and just take one. But when I take it I just end up drinking to level myself out. I just miss the vibrancy. And I’m trying so hard to keep fighting. Being in the entertainment industry and going thru this is hard but I’m going to get funding for a documentary that shows what TRUE adderall addiction leads to and maybe that will fulfil the void in my soul right now. Maybe I’ll start a thread and see if people would like to be apart of it? 

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@SamJo I’m in! I think a documentary is a great idea! 


PS- I do the same thing, level myself out with drinking.  I sort of hate drinking now too- it’s no fun without Addys. Which isn’t really a bad thing. But I totally understand missing the vibrancy, the excitement, socializing. Always ends badly though. 

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