Five Years

By hyper_critical,
To My Beloved QA Community, On Friday, I had 5 years off Adderall. Kind of hard to believe. I've now been off Adderall (and all other substances) almost as long as I used it.  Instead of a magnum opus, see below for some of my favorite posts.  This process is hard. Quitting and staying quit has to be THE number 1 priority in your life to get through the early stages. Thank you to Mike for creating this site and showing me I wasn't alone. Thank you to the members of the forums who have been on here since I joined who, at critical times, reminded me there was no way I could go back to using Adderall successfully. And thank you to the newcomers on here. By sharing our experience, we get far more out of it than you do. My life today is insanely good, and THANK GOD it didn't go the way I "planned" early on. I'm in a great relationship, have real, intimate friendships, am close with my family, own a business that's on fire, do meaningful, fulfilling work, and have a relationship with a power greater than myself that relieves me of the neurotic, self-sabotaging insanity that Adderall put into turbo drive on a daily basis if I"m willing to reach out and ask for help.  To those of you who are out there still struggling: There is a way out. You don't have to live like this anymore. It all starts with getting some time away from the drug. By any means necessary. Every time I've felt hopeless the last five years, EVERY TIME, enormous growth was waiting just around the corner. I love you all.  - David