Has anyone gotten completely sober since quitting adderall?

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Sorry one more post -

has anyone gone completely sober since quitting adderall? I’ve developed horrible anxiety which causes me to drink... a lot of wine... I feel like the past month I have been consistently wasted. It hasn’t interferes with my job or anything like that but I have a feeling I may need to get off everything entirely. I know it will be really tough but wondering if anyone has done it and if it’s helped them! I need some motivation.



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Yes. Been completely sober since I quit. Was five years in April.

Many people on here and IRL who have Adderall issues then have issues drinking. Many of them swear they don't have a problem with booze or anything else, until they've inflicted much pain upon themselves and others for years afterward. Some only have an issue with Adderall, and can drink normally after quitting. 

If you've been hooked on/abused Adderall, and now think you have a problem with booze, you way more than likely do, and would benefit from staying sober. 

That's my experience and what I've seen from observing dozens IRL and a few on here. 

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It is way easier IMO to just get sober.  I've done it a few times in my life and currently at 105 days.  Once you are free of all mind altering substances, the fog lifts and you become crystal clear on everything in life.  It is so much easier to just avoid all of it and not have to worry about what, when, how, or if you are abusing another substance.  And there are no risks!  You get used to living sober 100% all of the time and get to feel everything and learn how to deal/cope with it.  The thing lately that has made me so excited is keeping track of my emotions throughout the day.  In the past, I used to allow myself to relapse over stressful situations or anger, resentment, sadness, etc.  Now I've learned to just simply watch how quickly my feelings pass and know that whatever it is that has me worked up one minute will soon dissipate and I'll be fine again.  Tonight I was in a house with a two year old and got to watch him go through the same process.  One minute he was screaming and crying punching the floor and then the next minute laughing hysterically.  I think the biggest part of addiction is that we quickly learned whenever something upsetting happens, it's best to get high.  And then we get hooked.  And getting clean is relearning how to unhook yourself and self soothe instead.  


Hope this helps and best wishes!!

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