Feeling Lonely

By DrewK15 in General Discussion,
I think I’m feeling lonely tonight so I thought I’d hop on here to say hi to you all and vent a little bit. Dealing with loneliness is somewhat of a new challenge for me in recovery. I never cared much that I was alone most of the time during my 4 years on Adderall. Now I definitely care, so I guess that’s progress?  I have a lot of cool people in my life that I am thankful for, but no friends close to my age that are near where I live now. Most of my close friends are already married and moving into the next phase of life. I’m 27. Never been in a serious relationship. Probably a good thing I wasn’t during my Adderall years, but I feel a little old to just now be thinking about dating. I’ve been left behind and wish I could start over at 22. Oh well. Now I’m just self loathing. Things are okay with me, just hurting tonight and wanted to get it out somewhere. Have a good night guys.
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