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Did you get the feeling of being jeolus of other people?

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I'm a jeolus person by natural.

 But on adderall this is to the extremes. I compared myself to others in looks and performance, and i get extremely focused on being better than everyone.

Sometimes i could look at anyone and they would appear more attractive than they were in a sense, like a dopamine illusion.

Has someone exprienced this? Or is it only me and underlying conditions?

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hi @Jelly

welcome to the forums. i've definitely had this feeling before as well. with Adderall, it's a very aggressive, prideful, egotistical jealousy - like:

"who does this person think they are being better than me? i can do THAT too, and even better!"

but overtime as the Adderall turns on you, it becomes:

"HOW can these people be better than me without even taking Adderall?"

and finally the place you don't want to get to:

"i'm a failure even with tons of Adderall - there's no hope for me."

i think there's also some merit to the dopamine illusion - similar to alcohol. 


are you still taking Adderall? my guess is that if you're on these forums, you're starting to question whether the things you feel now are really you anymore. these drugs really change who you are and unfortunately it takes too long for some people to see that. sounds like you're asking the right questions now though.

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