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hey all, i'm new here. i just found this website last night and stayed up for hours reading about everyone else's experiences with adderall. i've been pretty much hooked on it for about 2 years now, but i'm planning to begin tapering myself off after i get my next refill.

anyway, i was wondering if anyone here is on Tumblr? whether or not your blog has to do with adderall/addiction.

i made one today to chronicle my own experience with adderall/hopeful recovery from it, if anyone's interested: 

if you have a Tumblr, drop the link below! i'd love to follow everyone here!


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I am not on Tumblr however that is a great post! I can relate to all of it for sure!

Good luck on your recovery and keep in touch, you will need to be strong. This site really helped me stay clean and focused on recovery during my roughest chapters.  

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