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If you have a ‘meth face’ you’re in the right place. I write this STILL struggling with the addiction (quitting soon), but have found helpful products along the way that I wish I had known earlier. 

Ive always been a bit of a dermatillomania person. Adderall has exacerbated that IMMENSELY in all the wrong reasons. I also managed to contract MRSA, likely from a combination of being an ER nurse and picking my face. ALL. THE. TIME. After a couple rounds of that with multiple rounds of antibiotics, I haven’t had any more abscesses but not deal with the residual effects of cystic acne.

Some natural and medicinal products I’ve found helpful along the way are listed below, hopefully someone else can benefit from my mistakes.


Tea tree oil, Aztec clay, charcoal, Manuka Honey (at least UMF 12+) and CBD oil.


For bacteria-Products containing salicylic acid and alcohol, Hibiclens soap, triple antibiotic ointment, Bactroban ointment (requires an rx)

For inflammation-Hydrocortisone cream, ibuprofen, cold compresses, eye drops (works on eyes AND skin)

For fungal-Clotrimazole cream, pyrithione zinc/Ketoconazole/coal tar shampoo (for when your scalp picking turns fungal and also travels to your face/nose creases)

These are things that have worked for me,  and they may not work for everyone so use per your own discretion as this is not professional medical advice. Any questions, just ask. I’ll add more as I remember. Feel free to add your own remedies as well!

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i got a reply from sri, they are 51 miles from my location. asking about logistics and details about their products. looks like we may strike some deal. 

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