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Speedy recovery - naturally

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I stumbled upon this an interesting compound in an organic substance. Salidroside. Without a doubt will help with recovery.  I would recommend still stacking it with L-tyrosine, Forskolin (re-sensitize D2 receptors) & buetasuperba (increase cAmp levels). Adderall works by raising cAmp levels; flooding your brain with dopamine, norepinephrine and serotonin (not as a high affinity).  Eventually, your D2 receptors will downregulate alongside with cAmp.  By flooding your brain with dopamine, the neurons (dopamine neurons) are going to eventually die. You can wait until they regrow back at a slow rate or induce the growth with Salidroside (see product and resource below).

It's pretty late right now but the only other natural resource I can think about is NAD and vitamin D (increase tyrosine hydroxylase). I dont have resources\links but both are certainly linked to Adderall recovery. 

You will also have to find the articles for Bueta Superba and Forskolin but buetasuperba is a PDE inhibitor which stops the breakdown of cAmp.

I also wrote a guide about a year ago. I since then have recovered, but I always wanted to revisit it. I haven't stopped learning and researching; I definitely could add a few contributions to it.

A pure form of Salidroside:


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