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Hi adderallics, I know there’s been some discussion about this (I myself have contributed to threads about it), but I’m reaching out again. 

I’m struggling with the 12 step fellowship. I got sober for the first time in AA in 2018. I’ve been to NA, AA, CA, CMA, PA. I so wish there were a place just for me. Meetings are nice and I get stuff out of them, and I do think there is a solution for my addiction in AA. But — it just doesn’t feel like it fits sometimes. I’m jealous of alcoholics who can just go dump their shit at a meeting, unbridled. I am constantly using metaphors and talking around what’s really going on in my life. 

Would anyone support a letter to AA GSO?

Can anyone relate? Is there traction around starting a new 12 step fellowship? Is there a need? Please share! 


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