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Since taking adderall my face has lost so much weight I can barely recognize myself anymore..

I’ve been off adderall for about 5 months after over 2 years of abuse... 

Can anyone please give me any tips on how to gain the weight back that I lost in my face? I’m still feeling the mental withdrawal symptoms of adderall even after quitting for 5 months. (Lethargic and unmotivated mostly)  But I’m ready to do whatever it takes to look like myself again.

Any tips or knowledge that you guys have to share will be appreciated more than you know. thank you so much 

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hi @OWG_8

congrats on 5 months sober! i think if you were only using for 2 years, you'll feel a lot better around the 1 year mark.

regarding the weight gain i must confess that most people have the opposite problem when coming off Adderall. if you are still losing weight after stopping then you may want to speak to a professional about this. in terms of gaining weight though, the formula is fairly straight forward: more calories consumed than burned.

marijuana can increase your hunger.. (ahem) assuming you can get it prescribed or it's already legal in your state (:

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I had the same issue and still battle it a bit after over two years clean. However everyone is different, some gain weight with less activity and some loose weight. I think its just a metabolism thing and adderall seems to make whatever problems we once had worse. I run into many people since quitting that don't recognize me.. :( 

My number one suggestion is exercise. When I don't exercise I loose weight, my brain gets foggy and less motivated. It seems impossible at first to get yourself to a gym I know this but after a month of going 3-4 times a week you will feel an improvement. Working out will increase your hunger and do your best to eat healthy. However exercise is key

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