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The one thing that I hated and was created by adderall was anxiety.  I have been suffering from severe anxiety the past few months which is far from from my baseline.  From reading reports, anxiety and depression is really hard to reverse especially if the usage was heavy.  I have read reports from 10+ years sober from usage of meth that never fully recovered - This is an extremity of course, but you get my point. 


I am not going to let adderall defeat me. I spent months reading up on it and found out how it ruined my system and created anxiety. 


Let's dive in how it creates or created anxiety. I will also touch (briefly) on the dopamine system:


Adderall abuse causes excessive dopamine to be released therefore causing an overflow of glutamate which then destroy gaba receptors.  Adderall abuse also attacks dopamine d2 receptors heavily.


In order to reverse the effects of adderall one has to first decrease their glutamate levels then increase there gaba receptors (look up gaba-glutamate relationship).  Also, pay attention to their D2 receptors.

Is this possible? How do we do this? 


First off it is possible! (thank god)


First we will decrease glutamate levels with memantine.  This will also reverse the negative effects of adderall (you will regain some cognition back along with combating depression).  I can't go too much in detail with this since I don't have that much time nor do I want to spend so much energy writing about it.   Read more about it from here:


we should also lower our calcium levels (reason for this is from the link above). We can do this with magnesium glycinate!


Next, we need to increase and 're-grow' gaba receptors

We will do this with Black seed oil and intranasal insulin:


Black seed oil references:

Intranasal insulin references:

                                               Also google intransal insulin + will find health articles that touch on it.


So all three\four(techinically) of these combinations can be taken together and once we have taken them we have successfully lowered our glutamate levels, increased gaba levels and therefore balancing the system out along with repairing our system.   In three months time, I will bet thousands that you will feel like a normal person again.


Next lets address dopamine D2 receptors:


We can do this with Forskolin + heavy dosage (18 grams/day) of inositol.  Forskolin upregulates dopamine D2L receptors (adderall causes downregulation) and inositol increases /replaces/repairs dopamine d2 receptors.  Inositol also increases gaba!   You can google it for more information and sources.

I should also add this:


By taking NAD you will be helping repair your dopamine system (see reference above).


How about my cognition?  I want to think again!

Well you can take 7,8 DHF (read my previous post a couple weeks ago that includes an article that talks about 7,8 DHF and cognition).  Intransal insulin will bring back your memory back also. Also, 7,8 DHF will help destroy your depression.  I honestly wouldnt take this along with all the other stuff...well at-least along with memantine and intranasal insulin.  I would honestly take everything for 3 months, then just take  intranasal insulin for a month or two longer with insoitol, NAD (B-vitamins), forskolin and mag. then take 7,8 DHF.  You don't want to over do it\flood your system. I dont have a reference for this statement but its just a obvious thing to point out. 


Now, where can I get all these goodies at?  Since memantine is a Rx; one can think that they will need to go through hurdles in order to obtain it.  I will help you knock over the hurdles and you can get most of the items from ( I know they sell memantine and I think they sell NAD too), walmart for the intranasal insulin then amazon for the rest. 

Good luck everyone.  I am writing this because I am a couple weeks in with BSO and I feel like a normal person in response to anxiety...well almost normal but the effects keep coming and I am positive I will make a full recovery.  


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