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Scientist that went down the rabbit hole of adderall

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I am a scientist with a degree from a top university. Unfortunately, I used adderall as a superhuman supplement that I abused (unfortunately).  It helped bring me to the darkest time of my life.  I am now recovering and regained my cognition (thank god). I am not trying to put myself on a pedestal but my cognition is back on full throttle (subjectively and objectively), I am hearing comments recently that I am very sharp and 'well-informed' from conversations with strangers. I wouldn't be typing this if it was a few months back.  I spend my free time on how to fight back against adderall.  I am making this thread and made others (on here but not as detailed). The thread (linked below) is a W.I.P. as I am updating it when I am bored\procrastinating.  Also, I am thrilled that I am balancing out....I am fighting back and HARD against anxiety (one of my biggest drawbacks from adderall).  I know the thread is currently aligned with a trust me approach but this will change (hopefully) in the next few weeks\months as I gradually add more explanations and sources.  Ideally, the post will cover everything that adderall causes or can cause with the appropriate counter measurements. For now, I just talked about defeating anxiety (currently, my biggest milestone). Hopefully I will have enough time (and due diligence) to cover the topics: dopamine, serotonin, norephedrine, depression, chemical systems, thinking patterns and more on cognition.  Also maybe more if I am omitting anything at this time.  If a mod can take my generosity towards the community and my word (as I lack sources & explanations at this time) and make the link\post a sticky - It will create more motivation and I will have more accountability to keep updating it with the information that I have obtained. I hope this can be of a use and maybe a good read?  Good luck everyone! We are all in this together!


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