wellbutrin Tried cutting the cord, doc prescribes wellbutrin/bupropion instead

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Hi there. 27F, been using adderall for 10 years (4 years abused, 6 years prescribed+abused)  and ready to reclaim my life back. 

Thanks to this forum, I finally had the courage to tell my doctor I want to quit. I asked if he had suggestions on tapering off, and his response: prescribe 150 mg of wellbutrin and another month's supply of adderall (two 20mg daily). 

I was really disappointed and told myself I wasn't going to pick up those scripts because I wanted to handle this the natural way but... my workload ramped up and I caved.

I've been researching wellbutrin to see if this would be an effective way to taper off adderall, but I'm terrified that i'd be starting a whole new vicious cycle. 

The seizure warnings are enough for me to stare at the unopened bottle with some willpower. I've caught myself drinking a ridiculous amount the past 4 years as a way to try and "level out" from the adderall highs and feel "normal", but the results just stack on a new addictive behavior. Apparently stopping drinking on wellbutrin can cause seizures too? 

I'm just really scared. I think I know the answer to this, but it's been tough to face the lack of support from my doctor. I want to be strong enough to cut the cord forreal, but don't know if I can trust myself to do this on my own. I just don't want to be talked back off the ledge. 

Thanks again for this solid support system. Rooting for all of us. 


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I relate. I couldn't cut the cord for so long. I finally got so burnt out, and I couldn't see any more benefits. The diminishing returns had all fried up. Every time my work ramped up, or I had a strong dose of stress related to some survival instinct, I abandoned my plan to quit adderall. I finally got to a place where I had to focus on recovery or die from health problems.( If you have the means and resources to go to rehab, I would recommend it. I wish I could have done that a long time ago) We all need the time and space to focus on recovery. It takes everything we have to get through the first year. 

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hi @LostMyMind

welcome to the forums - glad you finally decided to share your story and reclaim your life!

it seems to be a fairly common experience that doctors don't have a good understanding of stimulant cessation (which means they shouldn't be prescribing it to begin with, but that's a different issue altogether). as you've probably gathered from posts on this forum, tapering isn't often recommended, especially for those of us who have abused the medication. frankly it requires *more* discipline than just cold turkey, because you still have access to it!

regarding Wellbutrin, it can certainly help, though YMMV. i took it for a few years after quitting Adderall - it is an atypical antidepressant with stimulant properties, but i'd be hard pressed to say it felt like a stimulant, at least at the dosages i took (150mg or less a day). it is a very subtle effect, well tolerated medication, you don't feel like shit when you miss a dose, and coming off it cold turkey is safe and not uncomfortable. the concerns around seizure are fair but generally noted at doses > 300mg (which is the normal adult dosage). 

i think Wellbutrin is most effective in the first few months for dealing with the acute symptoms of withdrawal (extreme fatigue, lethargy, etc.). i don't think it helps too much with PAWS or long term recovery challenges - i probably stayed on it longer than i needed to.

good luck and keep us posted! (:

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