Insomnia always at 2-week Clean mark

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I have noticed a pattern — whenever I hit around the 2 week mark med-free, I suddenly evolve from hypersomnia into insomnia (without meds!). I have searched on here and found that several others have experienced this too. 

I am now realizing that this is one of my biggest triggers for going back onto my medication because although I can’t get myself to fall asleep, I’m sleep-deprived and feeling awful because of it. Therefore I find myself wanting to reach for my meds to 1- get through the day after barely any sleep or 2- take it for one day in the early morning and it seems to reboot my sleep cycle. 

But... this oftentimes leads me back to taking it regularly again. 

Interested to hear your experience and also anyone that know what the heck is going on in my brain when this happens. Is my dopamine finally starting to coming back naturally at 2 weeks? And trying to figure things out again taking some time to normalize? 

Any information appreciated. 

-Tired Insomniac

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It’s a rollercoaster. I had kind of the same issues. Your body is trying to regulate. Sometimes you can feel great for a couple weeks and then it gets worse. It takes 12 months-3 yrs to reset. That’s the part no one tells us. It’s hard to hear. 

once I accepted that it was just going to take a long time I started to get a little resolve. I’m much more routine oriented now. I became self disciplined it really helped me. Excercise and diet seem to be the best tools, at least for me. I sleep so well now. Hang in there just don’t give up and go back to meds it will be worth it 

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