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Hi everyone!


I’m relatively new to this site and have done a lot of reading of your posts. Thank you all for being so great at sharing your struggles and successes. 

I’m planning on taking a break from working when my job ends at the end of August and that’s when I plan on quitting cold turkey.

In the meantime I wanted to ask if anyone is experiencing extreme fatigue and exhaustion while on adderall, not while quitting. I’m taking 15mg XR and 20mg IR daily and these past few weeks I’ve experienced extreme fatigue, complete exhaustion, labored breathing and just feeling unwell in general. I went to see my doctor who isn’t the best in my opinion (I often have to guide her to get to a diagnosis) and we found that I have low iron. I’m going to pick up my prescribed iron supplement today but some of the symptoms I’m feeling I’m worried aren’t from iron deficiency and wanted to check with you all. 

Has anyone experienced this? Should I go see a neurologist? My insurance will end in August so it’s important I get checked before that happens.


thank you in advance for any insight and I apologize if this is in the wrong thread 

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Hello....first of all I'm not a medical doctor nor healthcare provider of any kind but wanted to share a personal experience that might help answer your questions...my wife actually has gone through this (iron deficiency) and was able to get it resolved.  Her gynecologist determined that the low energy and labored breathing came from her iron deficiency which was being caused by heavy bleeding during her menstrual cycles.  This was from some large uterine fibroids which were taken care of by going through a procedure that made them smaller.  Now her menstrual cycles/iron levels are back to normal which also resulted in getting her energy levels and breathing back to normal.  So to answer your question, yes iron deficiency may cause extreme fatigue and labored breathing. That being said, it is extremely important you get this checked out with a good doctor to figure out why you are loosing iron in the first place and determine how to fix your problem.  Hope this helps....let me know if you have any questions. God Bless you!

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