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10 days...never felt better

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So I've been clean for 10 days. My dr did blood work and found my thyroid to be functioning at a low level. Been taking psyllium fiber, thyroid supplements and drinking a pot of coffee. I am also exercising again and eating well. I still nap occasionally, but I feel terrific. Maybe it's the fact that I told my fiancé and asked for his help. He was an alcoholic and attends AA and I also attend al anon. I love what they have to offer. Some days I do wish I was on addy so I could bust out a million things, but my friendships are stronger, I can act like a proper mother and I have feelings again. I feel happy, which I could never feel before. I'm here to tell you, it gets better. I do think the coffee and making yourself go on a walk or anything really does help. I can't imagine ever being on any other rx. Life is too precious my friends!

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