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looking for stories on side effects of Adderall

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Hello all!

I am a journalist working on a story for a national woman's magazine about ADHD drugs and how ubiquitous--and misunderstood--they are in this country. The piece was inspired by a study that found one in four people faked symptoms for ADHD in order to get a prescription. Mike kindly offered that I post this request here as I am looking for women ages 20 to 45 who might be willing to share their stories with me.

I am looking for the following: a woman who has faked her symptoms for ADHD to get a prescription for Adderall or Ritalin: My questions are, why? Weight loss? Focus? Addiction? What made you do it? And what happened as a result? I can give you a pseudonym if necessary.

I am also looking for women who have experienced bad side effects from Adderall or Ritalin: either depression, panic attacks or any heart related issues. I have spoken with two women who ended up in rehab for an Adderall addiction and am curious to know how common this is.

If you are willing to speak with me and share your story, please email me at

Thanks for your consideration!

you can see my work (albeit out of date!) here:


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