I just now found the forums after 10 years?

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I signed up for this in 2010 and never found any revelent No Stupid Auto correct can’t spell revelation ..errr relevant  .now I have to back space..IGNORE 5HIS PARAGRAPH. MY IPAD FORGOT HOW TO SPELL HUNDREDS OF WORDS BECAUSE I ACCIDENTALLY CLICKED THE X on autocorrect so it wouldn’t underline in red. 

I didn’t realize there were all these members in 2010 much less the forums with thousands of replies..My next door neighbor told me about Adderall forums so I ask her for the website and it was this one. She’s been off a year now.  Have to learn the website even though I’ve been here for 10 years.  

So many things I want to discuss. And do I get credit for being a member for 10 years? There were only about 8 people here and all we did was say “hi”.


Any help with organization of these topics would be appreciated.. Is there a video how to navigate here?  

this is nuts.. as I type this my shower is on, my vitamix is on, my dog need to go out soon, I have a job interview at 6 that I’m not going to, farmers insurance is sending me invites, Pam Poppers office called. She’s the PHD who is on Dr Peter Breggins show. The psychiatrist that wrote that 4 inch thick book how to get off these meds..

Peter Breggin, Pam Popper, ibogaine? Amino acids, exercise, meditation, tinnitus, alcohol, muscle pain, cannabis, ADD is worse now, CBT, ANXIETY , panic, stress hormones, serotonin, dopamine norepinephrine, social life..

anyway I’m glad I’m here and happy for my neighbor.

“Item prefix” what is that?

Post looks crazy but I did it this way so you’ll get the idea.  


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