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There have been lots of articles in the media lately on adderall in only the last week or so... Quit Once mentioned the front page NY Times article...I also saw a recent piece on Nightline "Supermoms on Adderall"(dont youlove how they 'package' adderall addiction?) and a Forbes piece and something on Slate. So I figured since these stories are so much about ourselves, I'd put some links up to them...I'm sure all the people interviewed in these articles would find much relief from this site...if they can find us...I actually found lots more stories in google are a few of them...

NY Times - Risky Rise of the Good Grade Pill

NY Times Side Piece - In Their Own Words

NY Times Fewer Prescriptions for A.D.H.D., Less Drug Abuse? Debate I didnt read this one yet, but bookmarked it for later...

Forbes - The Questions About ADHD Drugs The New York Times Didn't Ask

Slate - The tame, constricted rebellion that is Adderall addiction

Nightline - Supermoms on Adderall

Today Show - 'Steroids for School' (This is an older one)

I was reading these articles and to me they seemed to be really missing the point about how dangerous a problem adderall addiction is and more focused on describing the 'phenomenon that is adderall for an advantage' (...the tone of the pieces I felt was like 'abusing adderall' is a new fad that is catching america by storm...) I read them all but, the Forbes piece and the 'in their own words' companion piece to the NY times article were the only ones that really sort of resonated with me. The rest I thought were just the surface of the problem.

Honestly, I have gained a much, much deeper understanding from this website and reading our stories, connecting with other adderall addicts and hearing what other people here have had to say then what I got from these articles, but I figured theyd be of interest to us adderall addicts anyway...since they are about us...

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