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I'm perscribed XR 10 mg and I want to start gradually lowering my dose. I still have 70 days till my next appointment and want to be off it by then so I can't ask for an IR script. I've read (on this site and elsewhere) and my Dr. has instructed me to not divide the XR capsules. What is the reasoning behind this? Is it just because it is difficult to divide or are there medical reasons?

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From what I've read, the problem is that there are two different sizes of adderall xr beads within the capsule. One is a more quickly released bead (probably the smaller ones), and the other bead has an extra layer of coating, which disolves in about 4 hours, at which point the ampetamines are released into your system.

Since there are two different sizes of beads, in order to divide a pill in "half", you'd have to split the pill in half perfectly, with each half having half of the large beads and half of the small beads.

Unless you have some precision tools, a microscope, and are already super lit on adderall there is no way you (or even a scientist probably) could split the beads up proportionally. You'd end up with more instant beads in one half or vice versa. This would cause irradic responses to the medication, something you don't want if you are trying to taper.

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