Can I blame Adderall ?

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My wife has been taking adderall for about 4 years. At one point, was highly abusing the drug, she had 3 scripts from 3 different docs, would typically consume one bottle a week. Then that fourth week of the month, she would go into horrbile withdrawl. She would sleep for several days straight, only getting out of bed to consume lots of food and soda, the whole time angry, irritable, complaining, yelling, blaming me for everything that is wrong. She would often lie to me, and tell me that she was simply 'sick', and claimed not to have been on adderall. Then once the scripts could be refilled, the cycle would start again. In about the last 6 months, she is down to just one script, but still consumes all the pills in 2-3 weeks, and then suffers a withdrawl stage.

I truly believe that her rollercoaster states of - high dosage - no dosage - have caused a warped perception of reality. Things that shouldn't be all that 'bad' seem to be catastrophic for her. I truly believe that I am a good husband and father. I do not do drugs, do not abuse alchohol. I am blamed for being too controlling, and too demanding, which I think is completely untrue. She has been through several jobs over the last few years, either quitting after only a few months, or getting fired. Quite often she seemed unable to cope with the daily responsibilities of a job. I don't know if I'm getting the truth regarding all the circumstances of the jobs.

Has anyone else experienced this? Am I justified in demanding that this is not an acceptable lifestyle for me and our young child? Am I justified in blaming adderall addiction as the cause of our failing marriage? Am I justified in blaming adderall addiction for her inability to keep a job?

Thank you.

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I can relate to this. I would always run out of my prescription early and crash for days. I was always "sick." I would lie to my husband when he'd ask if I had taken adderall, after I'd sworn to him that I'd quit (and it was obvious I was high). My perception of reality was totally warped, and he was always the problem, not me and my addiction. I quit when I finally realized I was ruining my marriage. My husband threatened to move out, and I knew he meant it. I didn't want to be a person that chose drugs over my marriage. Your relationship will continue to worsen as long as your wife is on speed, and your kid will suffer, so you'll have to decide what your breaking point is before you bolt. Scare her. Give her an ultimatum. I resented my husband's tough love approach to me before and after quitting, but in hindsight it was exactly what my addicted ass needed.

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