My Reasons For Quitting Adderall

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I think this is one of the best posts I've read and I really love the using of bullet points{instead of endless sentences that I write}. Brutal honesty goes a long way. Thank you for posting-and bumping.

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Hi everyone,

I hate to ask this but seriously, this is now a major concern.

Having read the whole original post and a few replies, I'm thinking this might be the source of my issue.


I will be blunt and at risk of complete humilation - here's the deal.


I'm a 47 guy, healthy, exercise, on Adderall for about half a year.

Never had much in the way of sexual dysfunction.


Lately - orgasms are TOTALLY missfiring.

Sometimes as I've read here today, it'sbeen tough to reach orgasm, pulling teeth at times.

What's even more concerning now is that when I have lately, it's like an internal controlling mechanism fails (sphincter muscle ?) and what used to be a torrent - just allows things fizzle out, negating the needed build-up etc.


I lost about 90% of my previous sex/porn LOVE..not addiction on Adderall. If I did get any action i was not a porn star and the orgasms to forever to get and they sucked compared to the sober ones that shot holes through walls and made me thank God I have unit lol. 

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I am in LOVE with this forum. It is amazing and I agree and relate to it allll!!!!


Besides the fact, I was always super horny on Adderall, like unhealthy horny but it may have been because I was always drinking Jose Cuervo while on it lol

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