Haven't Been Healthy At all

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I'm glad you like your counselor. I'm seeing a new one this week- I hope she helps me.

I'm tapering down for a while. I told my Psychiatrist I need to quit and he's overseeing a decrease of 2.5 mg a week (or 5mg every two weeks). And my husband has my pill bottle and is only going to put out my dose for the day.

I'm prescribed 25mgs, but take 30-45mgs a day. So this week is 30mg.

If you feel like you're super hungry off addy, I found that Green Smoothies are amazing! Just use 2 bananas, some ice, a few pieces of romaine lettuce & a handful of mint. It's full of vitamins and really fills you up.

But I"m trying not to even focus on eating/exercise. Cuz then I get obsessed. I'm just gonna focus on drinking more water, dealing with lower addy, and hopefully getting some naps. ;)

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