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  1. Do you drink off Adderall?

    Being on adderall fueled my alcohol intake, sometimes to a seriously unhealthy level. I have a drink now and then but boy, not like I did on adderall. I probably shoulda been committed a time or two from the way I acted mixing those two. No joke. youre better off without the booze. Ugh
  2. I'm at a loss you guys. I literally feel lost and alone. No energy, no desire to do anything. I just don't care anymore. if I didn't have a family that loved me so much, I'd probably just off myself at this point. probably doesn't help I'm living in a state where I don't wanna live and with a husband I'm no longer in love with. i literally just want to runaway. I wanna goto sleep for like a year and then maybe when I wake up I'll feel better :*(
  3. Omg you sound JUST like me. I refuse to buy any fat clothes and 30lbs here too! im so beyond aggravated and frustrated and annoyed!! Ugh!!!!!! SMH
  4. Glad you are feeling better! Exercising and eating healthy makes a huge difference. I understand why people roll their eyes when you say it but until you try it... then you're like sh!t, they were right!! Haha happy to hear you're doing well!!
  5. I know it's hard. I took my last adderall sept 21st not that I'm counting or anything lol I did taper after I failed cold turkey once. Tapering was hard but for me it was better than cold turkey because I didn't have that annoying fog brain thing. youre still pretty early.. it takes time. I actually have a bottle of leftover pills that I can't seem to throw away but I can't make myself take one even on the days I so desperately want to. It sucks. the thing that really keeps me from taking one is thinking about how far I've come even if it's not huge. I think about going backwards and starting all over and all that pain and misery reliving it.. it would be like I suffered through all that for nothing. Why go backwards? Keep looking and moving forward. I know it's hard, believe me. Sometimes I have good days sometimes I have bad.. starting to wonder if I'm bipolar Lol I notice though when I actuallly force myself out of the house and get outside, I'm in a better mood and don't feel so lazy and down. How long were u on for? How much?
  6. Idk if it will post me let this page, but for god dang this speaks to me.
  7. Eight Months!

    Omg your username lol Kinda accurate though. Smh :/
  8. Holy Shit! 9 Months!

    Congrats to you! Good job!
  9. Haven't tried that junk. Will check it out. And yes, I am older fml. Dont laugh at this but how the hell did lindsay Lohan stay skinny after rehab and quitting adderall?? Makes me wonder if she really quit. Smh i seem to notice that when a lot of people leave rehab and quit a drug they get fat. Starting to wonder if it's due to metabolism or just eating a lot more or both.
  10. Ok I'm in the same exact boat. It's so damn frustrating. I've even done detoxes for a week where I would normally lose 8 lbs and I'm lucky if I lose half. I don't freaking get it. :/
  11. Tired of this extra weight. has anyone tried anything that helps suppress their appetite and get the weight off? im f*n annoyed and aggravated over here Has anyone been to a nutritionist since quitting?
  12. Yup, I've noticed the same thing. Been off since end of September. No more bags and my face looks fuller, although I think it's just bc I gained 20lbs lol but a lot of people really say I look so much better and healthier. congrats on your 7 weeks. it does get better even though at times you think it never will.
  13. Intervention Show

    I agree with you 200%! Going through that taper was awful and I would of preferred to goto rehab, I actually even called some, but it was too expensive even with the insurance I had. Where's Dr. Drew when you need him :/
  14. How's Everybody doing Physically?

    You ever think you're gaining more weight or that the more weight you have is actual muscle and not fat? I'm sure you know muscle weighs more than fat. Physically after 3.5 months of no adderall I'm ok. Lazy. gained too much weight which is why i mainly didn't wanna quit ha. Fml. started eating healthy again and working out this week and I do feel better. feel like it's a long road ahead but at least I'm heading in the right direction smh