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  1. Adrafinil

    My bad I appreciate you editting it out. Just was linking to where I got it, and I won't do that again no worries
  2. Adrafinil

    I've tried Adrafinil from who provided a COA for their product, and was pretty surprised with how well it worked for me in the mornings after a late night, or when I was working late. Nootropics as a whole is pretty interesting stuff, and I plan on trying a few more after seeing how well Adrafinil worked for my morning grogginess and for keeping me focused throughout my morning.
  3. Adderall and Eating Disorders

    Then if that's the case, I might as well relax since it'll go away eventually.
  4. "7 Great Reasons To Get Sober & Get In Recovery"

    I truly enjoyed the article it is you posted for us!
  5. How to Handle a Relapse?

    When I ever relapsed, the following day I'd just work out or go for a long walk, take a shower, prepare some food and think about everything it is that led me to my relapse. After thinking it through, I'd write it down and store it in a box with the label "REASONS WHY NOT TO RELAPSE." Certain things being the evident of course, but others because of personal issues.
  6. Recovery Time- LONG

    It really is sad to know when good people who just want to enjoy life can't because of a certain substance it is they depend/depended on at one point, ya know? I hope all of you guys are doing well. I know words don't mean much especially when typed through a computer, but I truly do mean that.
  7. The struggle is real and it'll keep getting realer, but only for it to die out the hard way as well. I hope the both of you guys are doing quite good. May y'all have the strength of all the gods combined.
  8. I hAte myself

    Trust me, as much as life sucks, it gets better throughout time. I'm enduring some pain right now and it sucks, but I'm dealing with it/coping with it. I'll be fine in the end and so will you my friend.
  9. I look like crap!

    I know what it's like to think you don't look good, especially when you look back upon yourself and reflect the things that used to be you. I get that, but putting yourself down won't bring the sun out. You have to try and think positive.
  10. "The Lizard Brain Addiction Monster"

    If the zombie apocalypse occurred, we all better run to Daryl Dixon! Or play some Dying Light & Dead Island. Lol.
  11. Steven Universe? Adventure Time?

    Do you know the theory behind it? It's pretty intense honestly. Lol.
  12. After 15 years, I'm done!!!

    Hey, how's your day going? Hope all is going good for you.
  13. It's not that I'm being a pusher or promoting the drug, it's just something I've been taking and know for a fact you can't be dependent of it. I'm not a spammer and I am real. I comprehend y'all being a bit skeptical about me, but I inform y'all I am no spammer or robot. Also, I'm not trying to do this when everyone is "down." If that were the case, don't you know think I'd be "spamming" every post?

    I'm very proud of all of you guys May y'all keep up the work it is y'all have been putting up.